Re-skinning our webapps to reflect what we perceive to be trending looks for 2017
Aug 2017
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
John Ince
Time for a Visual Facelift
We recognise that our talants as software engineers are a very different skillset to that of a graphic designer. When we started work on our LiveWebapp framework we made a commitment to complete demarcation of the code from the visuals. We wanted artists and coders to work independently with a clear intersection between. A coder can work on our code base with disturbing the graphics and a graphic artist can change the visuals with no knowledge of the codebase. In the absence of a graphic artist we've done our best, it's as good as two c++ programmers could hope for. Imagine what we could do with a true, talented artist on the team. What follows is mostly pictorial with a few comments showing what we perceive as a marked step forward towards 2017 design. Remeber a graphic artist can't paint code.
A Cleaner User-Defined Menu System
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
Here's the canvas. Go create your own additional menuing that's driven by your business that day. New blog or product? Add it straight into the menu. Since it's multiuser "custom content" updates are replicated in realtime to anyone who's watching
Time-Line Flowing Blogs
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
We've improved the look of both the blog time-line and blog pages. We like the rolling vertical time-line and the clean looks
A Slicker Looking Newsfeed
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
We've great private Facebook style functionality. A private version where you, your colleagues and your customers can engage on your own webapp. It's just like Facebook with private, public & group messaging. We've given it a 2017 time-line style just like the blog section
Stylish, Tabbed, User Dialog Popups
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
We've added a little bit more style to our UX popup dialogs. Just a hint of edge lifting and subtle shading. We've also made them much more mobile friendly by merging the close and the browser back button. Both function and design improvements
Product Pages that aren't afraid of a little whitespace
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
Live Retail is flexible enough to sell most products. We've always struggle with the graphical side being software engineers. We think we might just have nailed the clean lines of our new product page. Remember new products are added by right-click, edit & save. So simple you can take the pics on your mobile and upload from there.
It's a Live Software Development Framework
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
We don't just build eCommerce. Our live software development framework is equally as good at live multiuser gaming as it is at internal business applications. It's websites, mobile apps and desktop apps all in one unfied technology. We gave our gaming for bitcoin 365/24/7 human testing webapp a facelift too
A Powerful Native App in the Cloud
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
It's worth a note that only our UX is in browser. Most of our visual updates are simple HTML/CSS changes, like this 2017 respray. Our true crowning glory comes in the form of the power of our native code C++ webapps. Visual frontend beauty merging with raw backend cloud hosted power. We can crunch the toughest of data natively and render it into a browser UX. Just like we do with our Scripttrack repeating prescription webapp shown here. It's a mission critical system that's needs near 100% uptime. Elegant on top, powerful beneath
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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