Our latest live web statistics are pretty cool & amazing
Jan 2017
Real-time Web Statistics
John Ince
Real-time Web Statistics
When you come onboard as a Project Peach customer your website & mobile app just keep on improving into the future. We work on our common functionality constantly. Our latest live webstats are pretty cool & amazing. Want a better online all the time?
A Tale of the Past and the Present
Let's examine the current state of web statistics. Firstly what does this mean? Right from the inception of the Internet, the world wide web and websites administrator users have wanted information on how their online businesses are being used. Which pages are visited, how many users are coming, how long are they staying, etc. All valuable business intelligence. We agree, however we thought it was a pretty historic state of affairs. Most web statistic analytical software is installed on the web server and relies totally on its log files. Each time a user visits a website the server makes a log entry, every page, image or action that the server performs is logged in a line of text. From these lines of text webstat software can make sense of it all, in a historic sense, in pretty graphs, bar charts and counts. Generally there is an overnight process to parse these logs into sensible, query ready data. The downside to all of this is that you only find out today what happened yesterday. Historic data with value but what about now, today? Even the best and most modern analytic web statistical software is historic, even if it's minutes old it's historic. Just how can we improve on this state of affairs by bringing web statistics into the present time? We thought that we could do much better with our smart, intelligent connections and live connected users.
It's too Hard to Setup and Configure
It's our belief that beyond the world of high tech. employees it's far too difficult to even set up these web statistics and analytical software. Making sense of the results is even more difficult to the untrained eye. We've spoken to thousands of smaller online business owners and most simply do not know even their historic data. Of those that do know it's a daily chore that's outside of their business orientated role. It's our belief that easy web statistics should be an integral part of any online website, even the historic part. All our live WebApps have this statistical technology built in, it's simply an option in the administrator menu. Our data is built in real-time and updates live in the present time. There's no setup, configuration or maintenance it simply works out of the box.
Totally in the Present Web Statistics
Who's online now on your website? Who's using your mobile app? Bet that you don't know. Do you know when someone arrives, someone leaves or what they do in the interim at page action level? We've live users that you can touch. It's just like your bricks and mortar shop. You can watch customers browse your wares in real-time and best of all you can interact with them live. In this release of our software framework we've built a new bird's eye view of all live connected user actions. It's addictive, you can sit and watch the client activity on your website live with updates in real-time, zero refresh. If you're interested in a particular customer you can drill down to see user specific actions, again updating live. Remember, this is the business intelligence of today, this second, your competitor will find this information at some point in the future when the present becomes the past.
Real-time Web Statistics
Bringing Historic Data Alive
Our 'Today' web statistics are totally alive. We've a real-time 'Today' overview page that you can watch like a dashboard. We bar chart your daily visits against your previous historic data. We show which are your most popular pages and user actions that reshuffle live in response to changing data. Want to know who's online now, how long, browser type and device type (mobile or laptop) it's built in. What about referrers? Which website forwarded to your site? Would it help you budget your advertising better or where you spend your promotional energy, again we update live so you know what's happening now. So today is live, obviously our historic data like yesterday has happened so it's fixed however you can walk around the data just by changing day. We offer your statistics at day, week and year level so you can monitor the progress of today and proactively pitch your efforts against yesterday. We've a perfect blend of last year, last month, last week and yesterday all perfectly integrated to a live 'Today'.
No Wool over your Business Eyes
So you've got a social media marketing guy claiming to drive traffic to your website. Wouldn't it be great if you could say prove it! It's simple with our live web statistics. Just say why not promote my business NOW and I'll see what traffic you generate for my website live. Stand by to be disappointed, we've tested these scenarios across all ranges of social media promotion. We suggest that you do the same before opening your business wallet. Wild claims of increased traffic against impossible to substantiate historical web statistical data. We put you in control of your promotional budget with traffic figures for the moment, the present, right now! So social media guru, hit your magic button and we'll tell you if it works whilst you're still on the phone. Ever wanted to know how much traffic that killer tweet generated? Now you know, in the present time.
Watch the Live Action from your Mobile
As with all our great software features we operate a 'mobile first' approach. We realised many years ago that it's far easier to run you online business from your mobile than hawking around a laptop. What's happening online this evening? Just click your mobile phone home page icon and you've live web statistics at your fingertips. Instant data, instantly available and easier to use then your desktop version. Remember too, your users are on their mobiles too looking at your 'mobile first' online business. We've been monitoring statistics over the years and currently over 70% of our client's traffic is coming from mobile devices, and it's increasing monthly. So we figured, if your clients want mobile then YOU as an administrator would want mobile too. Mobile first approach, no brainer.
Constant Improvement
As part of your monthly subscription we've a small maintenance charge built in. This enables us to constantly work on and improve our underlying software. We also improve and create exciting new features that appear automatically. Our constant improvement models means that your online business keeps bang up with the future. That's how we improved our live web statistics in this release!
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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