UK e-commerce industry expected to generate sales of more than £52bn in 2017 alone
Dec 2016
Press Release: Live WebApp eCommerce Solutions
John Ince
Press Release: Live WebApp eCommerce Solutions
The web experts at Project Peach have this week unveiled a brand new live retail webapp, suitable for both mobile & website solutions, which aims to support a UK e-commerce industry expected to generate sales of more than £52bn in 2017 alone.
The pioneering cloud-hosted webapp will replace static websites and allow e-commerce retailers to take a quantum leap into the world of accessibility and functionality that comes with applications. With all the regular features of an e-commerce website, combined with the real-time updates and interactivity of an app, online retailers can now experience the best of both worlds while offering a responsive, user-friendly experience for consumers.
Launching 1st January 2016, the webapp is loaded with exciting features that take interactivity to the next level. A built-in Real Time Communications tool allows site owners to video chat with consumers, elevating trust levels and creating a sense of real loyalty. Additionally, all updates and maintenance can be carried out remotely, so there’s no need for costly downtime, and retailers have total control over the design, layout and content of their website – meaning they can wave goodbye to designers and developers.
John Ince, CTO of Project Peach, says, “We’re thrilled to be launching the brand new e-commerce webapp to support an industry that’s blossoming in the UK right now. We’ve packed the webapp with a multitude of features, some of them an internet first, to ensure our e-commerce solution offers a practical, user-friendly and innovative way to sell products online.”
This ‘internet first’ feature comes in the form of a live connection – a totally new innovation which means the internet connection between the site and the server never goes down. This means that all changes to the site happen in real-time, reflecting a world where instant updates and one-click purchases are becoming more and more popular. The live connection also enhances the green credentials of any business – the server will only push changes to the site when it detects the changes have been made, reducing energy consumption across the board.
Social media plays a crucial role in driving traffic towards e-commerce sites, and Project Peach are one step ahead in this arena too. The app has an auto-Tweeter function which manages the Twitter flow of any synced account around-the-clock, responding to notifications and posting approved Tweets at regular intervals, to keep a business’ online presence up. Using this tool, Project Peach have already built up followings of 20,000 – 30,000 followers on various different sites.
As well as providing an exciting new option for existing e-commerce businesses, Project Peach’s new webapp offers an out-of-the-box solution for business owners that don’t know the first thing about coding or web design – a move that will boost the UK’s already booming e-commerce industry.
For more information about live e-commerce webapp, or to discover Project Peach’s other exciting web solutions start up a live chat today.
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