We're more than happy to do a bit of pre-sales work with you
Dec 2016
Pre-Sales Support
John Ince
Pre-Sales Support
We're more than happy to do a bit of pre-sales work with you. We'd like to show you just how easy it all is. We will take your fears of our cutting edge technology and put them to bed once and for all. We promise that your business will never look back...
Going the Extra Mile
We were contacted by a Portuguese company Agriloja via our contact in Portugal, F5 IT - Tecnologias de Informação, Agriloja are a chain of around 20 DIY stores based around Lisbon. They had grown a bricks & mortar business steadily over the past twenty years. Although they already had a website, they didn't do online sales. Their back-office was already powered by SAGE but they needed an online retail solution to effectively sell online. They had already investigated bespoke website development specifically to their requirements and the time and costs involved. The morning of our meeting we decided to paint our demo in Agriloja livery and make a few simple language translations into Portuguese. We put about an hours effort into creating a few logos, headers and images and adding a few imaginary products. The end effect was quite pleasing. We put a lot of effort into this easy customisation of our stock look and feel into client's own branding. It's quite compelling in pre-sales to give the vision of complete and ready to go! In our case it's less illusion and more ready to go!
An Online Meeting
We virtually got together that afternoon, Project Peach, F5 IT and Agriloja via a remote online meeting. We demo'ed our our out of the box 'live' retail webapps. The customisation hit them first and we were asked the question "How can you do this in a hour when we've been quoted six months?", the easy answer is that it's taken four years work to get this done in one hour. We showed our live retail from an admin's perspective and from a guest's perspective. It's the only way you can really SEE what we mean by realtime updates. We simply opened two browsers and parked them side by side, one user as admin and one user as a regular guest or customer. We added new products, changed pricing, translated the webapp wording, went thru the live stock control, created a discount sale, demo'ed our live mailshots, ran a live auction and so much more. There wasn't much in the way of feedback, just open mouths. Shock at what they were seeing. We jest not! We can give you the very same demo and tailor to your company livery. We're as happy to work with you in pre-sales as post-sales. They liked what we had and the meeting ended.
The Feedback from Our Meeting
A couple of days later our contact F5 IT came back with some feedback. Agriloja like what you have done but there's only 7 products. We have about 140,000 products and how is that sweet, as you type, search going to perform then? Again we'll go the extra mile pre-sales to help show you just how good our live retail is. So we bounce it back at them and said why don't you export your entire product range from SAGE in a text file with an image link and we'll simply import your actual products into live retail and you can test drive it yourself. A few days later the file arrived via email attachment with images. A quick bit of data coercion and the product were in our webapp. A bated breath moment? Not really we already knew it would be like lightning, even on our tiny VPS test hosting. The first reaction back "It's good! Great work! Just as fast and the search is excellent". But don't take our word for it, why not go visit the Huge Data test webapp we set up and see for yourself. Remember some of the images are missing and the ones that are there are tiny BUT it proves the speed point.
Multi-lingual out of the box with Peach Translate
We ship our webapps with the base 'English' language. Our clients are free to translate our words into their native language. We didn't however feel that was good enough. We wanted to ship alternate base languages. In our case above we'd really like the base language to be Portuguese and the only changes our client needs to make is customisation to match their business terminology. Our out of the box base vocabulary tends to be quite generic. So they are not translating language only customistion of literals to suit their business. So, our webapps are in Portuguese for the clients in Portugal. But how do we manage all these base languages? We're constantly building new features which add new literals and text which create new translations. So we built Peach Translate webapp. Our translators can keep our language translations bang up to date. They log in and see how many new outstanding translations exist and do the translation. Simple and live on the web. Best of all our admins generate these translation files as part of our software update process. Perfect, easy, alternate base languages that's easily maintained remotely by multiple human translators. We make hard, easy! That's what we do.
Want Some Pre-Sales Work for your Business?
We're happy to work with you. We'll spend an hour or so tailoring our stock live webapps to your business brand. If you want something custom to your business we will help you with both cost and design, if it's a new feature we will work with you to get you exactly the functionality you want. We not here for the short hop, we want a long and lasting business relationship. Want to know what our existing customers think? Why not simply start to chat to them using their amazing live chat features on their own webapps.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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