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May 2017
One Minute to Pitch It
John Ince
No Time to Save Time
So you've never enough time to check out new technology but your future in business depends on you keeping up to speed. We're always being asked "Hey, what do you do?", it's in our blogs in fine detail but that's heavy reading when you just might be wasting your time. What if we could put the bullet points together in 60 small seconds, just to whet your appetite? It might engage you enough to carry on blog reading our version of the future. In 2012 we believed that we could do better than the current technological status quo, there had to be a better way forward than websites, apps, downloading, updating and repeating the process for multiple devices and operation systems. We're developers here and all this duplication was getting us down. What if there was but one technology and it actually helped software engineers to do their job better and massively improved the online business world? We might actually make better products using the none duplication time just for starters.
Live Webapps are Real-time
What happens when you make a change to your website or mobile app's content? Your customers/users will see it next visit or next refresh? Remember there could be many connected users at the very second you make the change. What if you're adding a new product to sell? What if a user had made the search already? We deal with this scenario by updating in realtime, whoever is looking right now, be it on mobile or website, will see the change instantly. It works with everything from changing your opening hours, a literal, adding a blog or a new product. We push changes live. Try doing that with wordpress or a plugin.
Easy, Easy Updating from the Sofa
How do you currently edit your online world? What's your lead time for that promotion to make it's way to live on the web? With live webapps we live in the present moment. Our content changing world is just like using an app, it's built into our live webapps. It's so easy you can add new products from the sofa on your mobile. If you're on the go roaming you can still add content easily via mobile data or wifi connections. Just long hold, update and save. Your changes will be replicated live to all your connected customers. Sure beats HTML eh?
No Local Device Installation or Updates
Live webapps are accessible by simply clicking a link, just like you do for a website. There's no device installation necessary. Our realtime webapps are hosted in the cloud on our secure servers. We put the technology where the skill is, in our cloud. You'll never see another update request again. We're constantly improving our webapp framework, updating and enhancing but you'll never know it. It all happens seemlessly in the background without any concept of client distribution. Think of the energy saving too, all those packets of data unsent.
Websites, Apps and Programs Unified
We built an advanced live webapp framework technology stack that helps us develop online business solutions easily and quickly. It's as good for creating websites as it is for standalone applications. Really. We've developed websites and business applications using the exact same technology. Take a look at our portfolio. We power live eCommerce, repeating pharmacy prescriptions and printing bespoke online cards. It's all the same technology hosted in the cloud and delivered quickly. Remember they work on all devices with the same solution.
It's Eco and Green
Our cloud hosted webapps are heavily optimised for performance. We can host hundreds of webapps on a single tiny VPS (a slice of a full server). We sleep when there's no communication. There's specific, targeted delivery of data to only those clients who need it. There's no distribution. There's no faking realtime with AJAX or other client polling technologies, we push data on change otherwise nada is transmitted or received. We add more capacity to data centres with fine tuned and efficient software.
We're All in the same Virtual Room
Users of our live webapps all share the same data space. We know who's doing what and when. User's actions can update the shared data and this can be seemlessly pushed to interested clients. It brings the web alive with interesting, ever changing data, created by users and updated automatically. Want an example to elucidate that mind blowing concept? How's your webstats? In the past, even if it's only some minutes? Since we're all in the same data room we can create realtime statistics. What if you could watch your customers browse around your online world, watch their live shopping baskets and offer them live discounts? That's the advantage that live webapps have. Remember it all works like this in realtime.
Vertical Applications for Sale
We an amazing model for creating vertical applications. Remember our zero installation model bodes well for easy distribution. To show off this point we created live eCommerce. It's what Goodsie will be in 10 years time, possibly. A online store like no other. Live customers who you can touch and engage in realtime. Available on every device and accessible by clicking a humble link. But what if a new customer comes along. What's the process to create their online world. It's simple, we create a new data instance for the new client in a click and start a new instance of our eCommerce vertical application. Oh, and auto email a welcome message with a link. It would be very, very easy to automate this process.
Natively Multiuser Applications
What if two admin users are editing the same data at the same time on your website or mobile app? Last to change wins? Our live webapps are naturally collaborative with live editing reflection built in. What this means is that you can actually watch another remote user make the change live and other users can see your changes in realtime as you type. No more overtyping one anothers changes. Remember too that you can communicate via our built-in messaging or VOIP (webRTC) to collaborate naturally.
Anything Else?
Legacy browser support, built-in SEO, automatic eCommerce inclusion in Google Merchant Centre, Facebook style newsfeeds, Instant messaging, Live users you can touch, live in the room eCommerce auctions better than eBay, Realtime order tracking, Live cart technology, Stock control integrated with the cart... That really is just the tip of the iceberg.
Where to Go Next?
If you liked our 60 second pitch then maybe if we shot the ball over the net you'd like to read a little more about our technology stack. Why not start by visiting our portfolio and check out our clients, maybe ping a message and ask them how we changed their online world. Take a look at our pedigree on the team page. Read our more detailed blogs and get to understand our technology better. Any questions just start to type, if we're online and not up to our elbows in code we might just chat back. Thanks for taking the minute to read.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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