A demo of our core live webapp technology
Oct 2017
Monero Mining
John Ince
Showing off our Core WebApp Framework
When we started building our live webapp framework it was important to us as developers to use a layered functional approach to our technology. All our fantastic webapps rely on our core services but none exactly show what the core actually is. We wanted a blisteringly fast, quick starting, live webapp to show that our realtime webapps can be used for absolutely anything. Pick your features and select your framework entry point. Here's what we can do with only the core services. The core contains our live push messaging technology, webapp security layer but little else, it's essentially our hotrod, multithreaded, high performance websockets implementation in c++ with added layers of security. We wanted it to be fun too! So we built http://moneromine.co.uk
What's this Monero Currency?
We've been monitoring the work of the monero team for a while. We actually liked the idea of a none advertising based revenue stream for funding our fun webapps. We hate the intrusive google style ads, it simply doesn't fit with our exacting designs with no way to control the visuals. We liked monero's style with the concept of each visitor is a miner rather than the mining concept that drives bitcoin with designated mining operations. It's a revenue stream generated by visits and stay lengths. Since we're all about engaging visitors to visit, stay and return then this seemed like an idea concept. We also liked the security aspects particularly the transaction obfuscation in monero. But, the main concept is funding from a none advertising model and showing our excellent core framework features. If you'd like to know more about the cryptocurrency monero then simply visit https://getmonero.org/get-started/what-is-monero/ or if you'd like to grab an online wallet then https://mymonero.com
Monero Mine.co.uk
Monero Mining
Here's what we built on only our core live webapp framework http://moneromine.co.uk . Remember we're not about gaming but business, however we also like to make our webapps engaging. By visiting our our monero webapp you are live connected by our amazing realtime websockets implementation. It's way down in our core and lightningly fast. We've connected our cloud hosted webapp to the monero APIs and simply by visiting you're solving hashes to mine monero digital currency. All together your open tabs mine the prize fund, the more users with open tabs the faster the prize becomes available. We push our messages live between the open tabs of connected users. Watch a while. It's very simple, mine the monero in a distributed fashion. BTW if you get a warning from your anti-virus then remember that there are legitimate uses of what is considered subversive malware (it's not malware just an incorrectly recognised code signature from the monero javascript mining library). Don't Panic!
There's more Coming Soon...
We're not superhuman and there are limits to what we can acheive in a day even with our amazing webapp development framework. We have however observed and listened to what our users have said. So we're going to add a few new features in our spare moments. Currently it's too easy to run away with the prizes by simply leaving the browser tab open for days and then leaving. We'll add an algorithm to negatively reduce points from absent users. We'll also add a timed diamond catch up points prize for a certain amount of mining time. Also, currently we mine only on a single thread to reduce processing load (check in your browser task manager) we thought it might be nice to allow more mining points using more more threads (CPU time). Remember this is only a demo of our core BUT we need to make it engaging to our users. Any suggestions leave them in the comments below.

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