What if you knew who is on your website and what they are up to right now?
Dec 2016
Live Users: Quick Start
John Ince
Live User Connections to your Real-time WebApp
How many times have you stared at your business website and thought I wonder who else is looking at my website right now? Web statistics have always been kind of historic, you only find out tomorrow who visited your website today. It's a fundemental problem with the way regular websites work. Click a link, connect to website, download text and images, disconnect. There's simply no persistent connection. So the only information you have is the temporary connection logs as clients visit your pages. Historic data. We use a whole new technology in our live webapps using persistent connections. When a guest or client arrives on your WebApp we keep the connection alive. We've now got a two way street where a client can send information to the cloud WebApp and the server hosted WebApp can 'push' information directly to the connected customer. Using this technology we can build amazing live features.
Who's on your live webapp now? We know because there's a browser at the end of each connection. We know where they are, what browser they are using, whether they are on a mobile device, how long, time wise, they have been connected and if they are a guest or a registered user. With our technology you can watch those users come and go in realtime. Imagine you make that killer tweet to twitter who followed the link? There's live connection feedback from our user spy.
You didn't think that we would leave it there did you. We added some nice actions centred around live connections. Want to engage with a client directly? Just open a chat and start to type. We give you instant access to all connected customers. Where in the world are they? Simple just follow the action to plot the connection on a map. We can even show you what they are doing, which pages they are engaged with, on your live webapp.
We also offer you historic connection graphing but with a live twist. Our webstat graphs update live in realtime. Open the graph and simply watch the information update live without refresh. We've daily, weekly and monthly stats to choose from. These high level statistics are out of the box, part of your live webapp. But that's not it, there's even more...
We also monitor the connection at a lower level too. We a whole other set of more detailed statistics for our live admin users. Want to know the maximum number of users connected at the same time? You got it!
Live, two way, connection underpins everything we do here. This is how we bring your website to life without the need to constantly refresh. How none refreshing is that!
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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