What if there's only one product available and two customers have carted the item?
Dec 2016
Live Shopping Cart: Quick Start
John Ince
A Live Shopping Cart, Check-out and Real-time Stock Control
How's your website shopping cart and stock control experience? When your customer bags that product when do they actually own it? Is it a race to the checkout to claim ownership? Are your clients heading for checkout disappointment? We've built the live retail WebApp shopping experience of tomorrow with instant, live feedback in real-time. We've built an online retail shopping cart and stock control that fully integrates with your bricks and mortar store. It even handles your on the road salesmen too.
In our world once you bag your product into your cart it's yours. Just like the real world. If it's in your basket you've ownership. So how does this work? Let's consider the scenario where there's only one remaining product. You know this already since we show our live stock levels which update live without refresh. The instant that you add to cart we adjust the stock in realtime and update everyone else looking at the product whatever page they are on. In reality the add to cart button simply disappears for everyone else. If you remove it from your cart it's added back in stock and the add to cart button reappears. All live without the need to refresh the page. If you leave or ponder too long the product is returned to stock for others to buy.
Our admin users can make in-store checkouts exactly the same way. If you've a physical shop in the real world then our cart/checkout process is essentially your cash register with live stock control. Your in-shop sales instantly update your online stock levels. If you've a sales team out on the road they can use their mobile to record their sales in realtime. Our live WebApps resize into a mobile app on a phone. Your sales reps just cart and checkout to maintain stock. In-shop, online and on the road stock levels in perfect harmony.
Our checkout process is three simple pages. If you're in the UK we offer PO code lookup of delivery address, optional create a user or checkout as guest and a secure credit card payment via PayPal. If you choose to go SSL then you can use our built in Stripe support to cash out without leaving your WebApp. It's all out of the box and ready to use.
We've a live back office purchase order system and customer database that perfectly dovetails with our live cart. Once an admin processes the order we live mark the items as sold. If your customers is watching these live labels appear in realtime. We've low stock and other markers that you can use as live sales tools.
Forget the race to the checkout. If you need a live cart with live stock control we've got it out of the box. Perfect stock harmony across all your sales outlets, online, in-store and on the road.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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