If there's something that we don't like to do, we simplify it and automate it. We hate Invoicing, hence our new eInvoicing.
Aug 2018
eInvoicing: Project Peach
John Ince
Getting Our Own House in Order
We're always prattling on about optimising our client's businesses, but what about our own? We're the same as everyone else, there's so much other interesting stuff to do rather than Invoicing our clients. Good for our clients, less good for us as a business. We hate everything about the invoicing process, from opening the word processor template, typing it in, emailing it on to the client and reconciling the payments when they return home. It's all a nuisance. We've the added complexity too of monthly / yearly subscriptions for hosting and some of our products, these need repeating invoicing. It's easy for it all to become unmanageable so here's what we created in just two days. It'll save us this time each month and much more into the future.
Automating our Invoices with eInvoicing
eInvoicing: Project Peach
At the heart of our eInvoicing we've built a nice, easy to use, console. It's really easy for us to generate live working forms like these that are natively multi-user since they are part of our framework. We can search, filter and generally manage our invoices perfectly. What's outstanding, partial payments, repeating monthly or yearly subscriptions. It's sort-able into whatever order you like date, amount, etc. Filter by outstanding, complete, cancelled or all. We can automatically email invoices to client and reminders to clients. This templated HTML email contains a unique code and URL to allow direct entry to the eInvoice. No more spreadsheets or word processors to manage our invoicing system. It's now fully automatic and drives our workflow not the other way around.
Creating a New eInvoice
eInvoicing: Project Peach
Creating a new Invoice is simplicity itself. Just fill in a simple form. Pick the client or create, type the description, the amount and whether it auto repeat in a month, year or never. We've a beautiful HTML invoice template where we simply poke the details. The eInvoice is created on our system with a unique pay ID. The invoice is NOT emailed automatically but rendered to our eInvoice management console and marked 'to email'. A simple human user click fires off the email. Job done. Invoice document created, managed and dispatched.
Send an eInvoice via eMail
But why did we choose not to automatically send the eInvoice email after creation? It came from our auto repeat process. We felt it was safer for our customers confidence that a human being simply checked and validated before the send. It's simply a click of a link to dispatch in confidence. We may change this into the future since we're constantly refactoring all our code in response to client feedback.
Open the eInvoice by Clicking the email Link
eInvoicing: Project Peach
From a client's perspective simply clicking the link in the email takes you to the eInvoice in our system. This can be viewed, printed or saved as a PDF for their own accounting purposes. Each invoice has it's own unique code, clients can switch between invoices by clicking URLs or entering/pasting the unique codes manually.
Or Manually Pay using the Menu Option
eInvoicing: Project Peach
Here's our manual pay popup. Very simple, paste in the unique eInvoice code and you arrive at the eInvoice just like clicking the email URL.
Click Pay to Complete
eInvoicing: Project Peach
The Invoice Page is a tabbed popup with a Pay Option. To fully or partially pay simply fill in the simple form. Firstly select payment method. We take all major credit cards or you can directly bank transfer the funds. Select how much you want to pay and fill in the payment method details. Click Pay and we're done. We may add interest free pay monthly in the near future. As you'd expect we've much of this functionality in our eCommerce framework already. We automatically update eInvoice status when we validate the payment. It's so simple now.
How much time does this two day development effort save? Think of your own Invoicing process. You might have a slick eInvoicing system which you pay monthly for? An online accounting system? But what if you have Microsoft Word and Excel and are doing it manually? Shouldn't your website be more than just your website? We think so. More eInvoicing features on the way when we get the time.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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