Retail discount sales as easily as programming your digital TV recorder
Mar 2017
eCommerce: Retail Sales & Discounts
John Ince
An Online Retail Sale in under 1 Minute
Historically setting up retail discount sales online was hard. Weeks of planning, amending web pages, changing mobile apps and then the implementation. Worst of all when it's all over the same process back again. If you're a big online retailer then you might have custom development to help you manage the process however what we have done will totally blow you away. So, in under a minute, really? Yup, it's as easy as programming your digital TV recorder and let live webapps handle the rest of the show. Just enter your basic information like starting & ending date/time, discount in money off or a percentage and save. Come the starting time the discount sale starts, come the ending time it finishes. Job done! You can plan your New Year Sale way ahead of time without all of the associated planning and stress. You can discount single or group items together. This however is only the start, our most basic form of retail sale. Read on.
eCommerce: Retail Sales & Discounts
Figure: Set up your online retail discount sales using a simple form
We Update Discounted Sale Items in Real-time
Ever considered what would happen if you started a discount sale and your customers were already viewing the sale item in their browser? Almost certainly they wouldn't see the changes until the next page movement or refresh. Worst of all the next page movement might be away from your business to your competitor and they would never see your too good to be true offer at all. In our live webapp world we push changes in real-time to our client's browser. When the discount sale starts, either by a timer or directly from an administrator, the customer's web page or mobile app updates in front of their eyes. It's alive. This is true anywhere the product is displayed be it in search results, product pages or product lists, if there's someone looking they will see. Remember everything we do works like this, changes propagate live without refresh.
eCommerce: Retail Sales & Discounts
If a customer is looking at a page and an item is discounted then it's live updated, no need for a customer refresh.
Need to offer Online Search Discount Codes?
Up to now we've only discussed a global sale that an administrator sets up for one product, a collection of products or all products. This times in and times out automatically. It's not the end of the story. There's quite a lot of flexibility in our retail discount sale section. What if you want to promote expiry dated discount codes on voucher websites? No problem. Just generate the code, give it a name and you're done. Spread the code around the Internet. But we didn't leave it there. Users can enter the code in the traditional way at checkout or in the shopping cart before checkout. However discount voucher codes can be entered at any time and are reflected live during browsing. We specially tailor our customer's view based on the voucher codes that they have entered. We support multiple concurrent vouchers simultaneously. It's built into our live eCommerce and comes ready to go!
Bringing a Discount Sale Alive to Customers
So it's possible to create happy hour sales in under a minute, plan discount sales events on a collection of items like a Black Friday sale and spread voucher codes around the Internet as marketing. However visually we wanted to do a little more. Remember that when we start a sale if someone is looking at a sale item we update their visualisation in real-time. As the sale nears the end we start a live timed countdown in our product pages. Going, going, gone! It brings online retail alive and all handled by our smart live webapps whilst you sleep. Our shopping cart and checkout process respect the fact that you bagged your sale item before the end of sale even if it's now finished. It's quite a compelling sale shopping experience.
eCommerce: Retail Sales & Discounts
Figure: An automated discount sale showing a live end of sale countdown.
First Purchase Discounts for Mailshot Signup
Could we use our discount vouchers to entice new customers to sign up to our emailing list? Of course. It's simply another great use of our retail discounting feature. How about £30 off your first order, minimum order £195, if you give us your email address. It's none invasive. Where the cart usually appears we simply put a '£30 off' button. Regular, signed up, customers never see it unless they are incognito or not signed in. Our new client clicks the button, enters their email and job done. They receive their £30 discount code via an email from our automatic email system and we enter their details in our customer database and subscribe them into our email shots. It's a one off voucher that expires either by date or by single use. These special user created discount vouchers work in harmony with other current retail sales. Enter the code whilst browsing, in cart or at checkout.
Business Intelligence and Live Discount Codes
We've live webstats for true real-time business intelligence on what our customers are doing right now, in the present time. We can actively watch clients browse products and gather their likes intelligently. We've two way interaction with customers too, why can't we create a code and send it in real-time? We can. You've spotted a lengthy visit to a less than popular item, send a code now. It's just like your bricks and mortar store, you'd do exactly the same. Remember this is just the first step down the road of live interaction, we've automated live selling 24/7 using AI planned and in the backlog.
Automated Live 24/7 Discount Selling with AI
If you've been following this blog carefully you've probably noticed that we have pretty much all the key elements built to create a AI salesman who works 365/24/7. Our futuristic SalesBot can sell whilst you sleep based on the business intelligence we gather through our live statistics and act whilst the customer is still online. What if the SalesBot could magic up voucher codes for your most unpopular items when a prospective client visits the product page. What if you've targets to sell of a particular item, it's the same SalesBot sell process. Simply teach the SalesBot to act just like you in your real shop. Discount your way to a sale whilst you're offline or online. Want to help us build SalesBot AI and put your retail into the 'Live' eCommerce zone? Talk to us today! Our real-time technology will self drive you way ahead of the pack.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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