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Jul 2018
eCommerce: Opening Hours
John Ince
Custom Content Widgets
We've a range of custom content widgets that are built into our live CMS (Content Management System). Most are fairly generic, or specialisations that allow editing text content, sliding image lists, buttons, menus and associated actions to perform when the button is clicked. However there are some real specialisations that handle specific types of data elegantly. When using our live CMS we want our users to feel that it's more like using an application than updating a website. We want it to be so simple that you can do it from your mobile phone on the sofa or out and about using data roaming. One of our specialised custom content widgets is for opening hours. Remember we own our source code so we can create bespoke live widgets to easily handle specific content changes and make complex updating very easy.
Opening Hours
Why have a specialised opening hours widget at all? You could simply edit your opening hours on a timetable and that's it, job done. However what if you wanted a little more than that. What if you want to show graphically that you're open right now, what global timezone that you are on and when you are around for live user chat. We can simply do much more with functionality than a simple table of print. You can see from the image below that we deal with the concept of today, tomorrow, ... and into the future with coming dates. If you were around at midnight on the shops timezone you would see today change and the dates shuffle in real-time or if you happen to be looking at closing time you'd see the open/close live. Our custom content opening hours widget can appear in different guises throughout the website with full or minimal information that all update live to change. Remember our graphics are separate to our function which allows this type of graphical customisation of the same underlying opening time data. We did say it was bigger than opening hours.
eCommerce: Opening Hours
Here's the about page from 'The Hawthorn Gallery' website. You can see two different graphical renderings of opening hours. One in the main about page and another in the footer. The footer is of course visible on any page. It would be entirely possible in the footer just to have 'Open Now/Closed Now' or Opening in 3hrs 45m or whatever you conceive.
Editing the Opening Hours
Simple and entirely consistent as all our live CMS page edits. Right click, edit and save, job done. If you're on a mobile phone just long hold and it's exactly the same technique. Stuck in a traffic jam? Use your mobile to tell the world that you're late. Remember too that anyone looking at the opening hours when you make the change will see it happen live without refresh thanks to live CMS.
eCommerce: Opening Hours
Right click, edit and save. Job done!
Normal Opening Hours
Simply set up your regular weekly opening hours. This is a normal week. This is a one off initialisation and we wouldn't expect changes unless your core business opening hours change. As you can see from the figures we deal with lunch breaks too, if you have them. You can also set your timezone so we can display the current time at your location for your international visitors.
eCommerce: Opening Hours
Configure your normal weekly opening hours
eCommerce: Opening Hours
Configure your normal week, daily opening times
What about Public Holidays?
Yearly Exceptions. Public holidays, festivals, Christmas, Easter and so on. Just add in the dates and override the normal opening hours. You can then program it just like your TV digibox and forget it for the year. Movable and fixed calendar festivities are catered for. So the opening hours widget will check the exceptions for an override before display so you don't need to alter your core business hours.
eCommerce: Opening Hours
Yearly Exceptions. Override the normal weekly opening hours
What About the Odd Daily Change?
One Offs. Next Wednesday you're going to be opening 30 minutes late. Just add it into the one offs and it will override the yearly exceptions and the regular opening hours. It's so simple to take control and organise your business with a simple right click, edit, save and forget. Your clients will always be kept right up to date.
eCommerce: Opening Hours
One Off Exceptions. Override your yearly exceptions and normal opening hours
Live CMS Rocks!
We make website updating easy and live. Update like using an application and immediately push the changes in real-time to viewers of the data. Take control of your online business and join us today. The future for the same price as today. For our pricing https://projectpeach.co.uk/ProjectPeach/Default/Static/def/about_pricing.html
Why Bother? It's only Opening Hours
A classic example of Opening Hours pain. Out of date with legacy information all because it's too damn hard to update. Would you update if all you needed to do is right click, edit and save? Stereotypical Opening Hours
eCommerce: Opening Hours
This is why we bother with opening hours custom content, regular custom content and live CMS. You can almost feel the editing pain. Free the pain with right click, edit and save with live push content updating
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