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Aug 2017
eCommerce: Live Cart for Admins Updated
John Ince
Pre-checked out Shopping Carts
A little while ago in a previous sprint we added a feature that's been in our backlog a while. Well, the start of a feature. We've always considered that our live web statistics are special, watching user actions in the "present" time sense rather than historically. Live cart is another realtime feature that offers present time business intelligence. Our initial concept was documented in a previous blog, the initial implementation that is. Now we've added a little more substance to this feature. Previously all you could see was a carted item without the concept of progress to order. We've fixed that.
So your Customer Carts a Product
Your retail client is on your website. They add an item into the shopping cart. When do you first know? At checkout when the order is complete? What if you knew before, the very moment your customer adds a product to the cart. Give you an edge? Remember you can interact in various ways with our smart connections, your client is always withing easy reach. So what if your client removes the item or progresses to checkout would you like to know. What about bailed out carts and how far did the order get (historic, yes we do that too). Our live cart is so advanced an admin can watch a customer progress an order right down to watching them type in their details.
eCommerce: Live Cart for Admins Updated
The above image requires a little explanation. We've parked two browsers side by side, the one on the left has been reduced to mobile format emulating a customer placing an order on their mobile phone. The administrative user is on the right in the larger desktop browser window and in the live cart feature of our live webstats page. The administrator first got sniff of the order by the optional audible ping as the client carted the item. The customer is typing in the order details in checkout on the left, the admin is watching in realtime as they type on the right. Multiuser user is at the core of everything that we do, be it admin to admin or customer to customer or customer to admin. We put your web statistics into the present tense.
Next Steps for LiveCart
What if your customer leaves the cart during checkout? We want to recover this information right. If we've got the briefest hint of contact information like a telephone number or an email or a signed in user we store the potential order for our clients historically. Of course we can easily add in some automation via our built in emailer to follow up or simply provide our admins with the information to manually follow up. Remember too, if your client is taking a while to check out maybe they're on your competitors website. Would you like to automate sending a discount voucher live to tempt them back on tab? We've a lot of ideas in our feature backlog. What would you like to see?
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