Let\'s take a look at our live auctions. eBay but better!
Jan 2017
eCommerce: Live Auctions
John Ince
Live Auctions are out of the box with Live Retail Webapps
Ever wanted to host your own auctions on your own website? We wanted to give you all the excitement of eBay but with a live auction room feel. We threw away the static eBay list of bids and replaced it with live connected users in a virtual realtime auction room. It's all out of the box and fully integrated into our live retails webapps from the creation, through bidding to checkout and order processing. A complete online live auction system more advanced than eBay.
So. How do you create an auction? It's very, very simple just as you would expect. Just head to the product you wish to auction and click the auction button. Enter the auction details, end time, starting bid, reserve and click save. Congratulations your first auction is underway. Head to our auction lobby to see your very first auction. The clock now ticks down until the hammer goes down at your finish time.
Our auction rooms are aware of both user bids and user presence. If a user is online and in the room they are shown as present in the auction room. There's all the bidder features you'd expect like auto bid to maximum value, just bid or add as a background task to watch the auction and bid whilst continuing browsing products. We keep your bidders posted with our live messaging if they've been outbid. We've a host of features especially for admins to manage auctions too.
Things start to hot up as the auction end draws close. There's live users in the room interacting with each other with realtime bidding. Our users have a live two way connection and our bids are instant. You get the 'real' auction feel in a virtual auction room. We've also made it much more like a real auction with our 'going, going, gone' feature. Any bids in the last minute of the auction creates another minute of extra time. Just like a real auction. You maximise bidder engagement and get the absolute best price for your auctioned product. The auction only ends when there have been NO last minute bids. Better? We think so.
Live auctions, in a virtual auction room with live customers. What can't you make better when you have a live connection to a cloud hosted webapp. Instant bid feedback pushed in realtime. An online auction facility for today and beyond. Want alive?
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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