Right click, edit and save. Everyone looking sees without refresh
Dec 2016
Easy, Live Updating: Quick Start
John Ince
Update your Website all by Yourself with Live WebApps
Still need a web designer to change every little detail from a new phone number to new products? Shouldn't it be as easy as using an app? With our live WebApps we put YOU firmly in charge. Ditch that web developer once and for all. So, what can you change and how do you change it? Read on...
Our mission is to create beautiful WebApps tailored completely to your brand and requirements. The first step on your journey with us is the design of your mobile & website look and feel. It's all built into the price, just tell us what you need visually and we'll work with you to tailor it to perfection. If you don't already have company branding and logos we'll create them for your online business. Once we're complete you're free to add images, change wording and completely customise your pages to your daily content needs. Your brand page styling remains consistent but you're in full control of everything else.
For our eCommerce customers there's enhanced features for managing an online store. It's so simple to add or change products, we call it live editing. It's that easy you can update your online business on the go using your mobile. To add business products it's just like using an app. Select your images, enter your text descriptions, price with easy to use, interactive and simple forms. Just hit the save and your product is live. But it's better than that. Everyone who's looking at your website will see you've added the new product without refresh. We 'push' all your actions in real-time so your customers never miss anything. We've amazing features like hashtags, pricing options, live product label overlays for new, sold, low stock. Everything you need for a first rate, live, e-commerce web application for 2017. Spot a mistake in a product, edit it, save it and job done!
But what about that pesky static text? We simply provide you with a standard set of literals. General phrases that fit most businesses. So what if you want to change some or all of them? How do you do that? It's as easy as right click, edit the text and click save. Job done! You literally change your website static wording in-place on the page by right clicking. But what about foreign languages? Exactly the same way, change the language and translate the page live. Isn't this how it should be in 2017?
We've also a range of live home page widgets so that you can easily change your business data. Need an opening hours widget? It's out the box, we just add it to your home page and style it visually to your brand theme. But how do you edit the opening hours? Just like using an app. Set up your regular weekly opening hours and feel free to add exceptions for public holidays, specific dates. Late to open up today? Open your mobile WebApp on your phone, change the opening hours and everyone looking at your website will be updated in real-time, without refresh. That's just one widget. Want to show your shop location on Google maps? Out the box and included in your About page. Just configure your location and address and it's all done. We've home page image sliders, tiled item lists and contact list details that can be extended and changed to suit your ever changing needs. Best of all you can do this all by yourself. It child's play to update.
For your daily content we've a live newsfeed that's just like Facebook. Keep your customers informed of the latest daily developments in your business field. Build a daily audience of returning clients who can comment and like posts that you make. Create interaction between your business employees and your customers on your website. Drive those daily visits and create sales traffic. We've an articles section too. Write your own blogging content and engage your audience Incredibly easy to use, searchable with keywords and with its own built in comments section to drive interaction. Of course, as with your newsfeed these articles are optimised for search engines. Improve your ranking by engaging your customers with relevant business content.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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