Reworking our menuing system to be driven by 'Custom Content'
Aug 2017
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
John Ince
Content Management. Making it easy
So you want to change your website and mobile app content. Is it a big deal? We wanted to make it as simple as possible, so simple in fact that you can change your content on the go from your mobile phone. In our world a simple right click or on mobile a long hold should be all that you need to update those opening hours, change a literal, add a product, create a discount sale or change a menu item. It's so fast there literally is no lead time to update your online world with new relevent content or the very latest product. Better still, changes that you make are reflected, or rather sent, in realtime to anyone who is currently looking. No refresh.

Recently we've been improving how our menuing system works bringing it in line with our concept of live "Custom Content" everywhere.
Our Menuing System Before "Custom Content"
We've always allowed our admin users to control the literals of our menus, however the content of the menu was fixed. You couldn't add a new menu item or alter where a menu item click navigated to. As we added our concept of custom content into our pages we thought why not do the same in our menuing system? Easier for us, easier for our customer. We managed an update in style too from our clunky menus of the past.
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
Our Clunky Fixed, somewhat inflexible, menuing system before "Custom Content"
The New "Custom Content" Menu
Since we use custom content everywhere we have all the common functionality already. It's just a simple implementation change and it just works. All tried and tested, no risk, ready to roll. Our stock menu items just need to be created in custom content and we've a menuing system back. Additional menu items and where they navigate to can is now under the admin user's control. We also did a simple cosmetic update too. However custom content is rendered by CSS so can be any style we want and can be custom sprayed to brand.
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
"Custom Content" menus on desktop. Right click to draw up the context menu. Edit, Add or reorder with ease
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
Simple visual editing of the menu via our standard "custom content" manager
"Custom Content" is Everywhere
The inspiration to change our menus to custom content came for our webapp pages. Our home page is a prime example where our clients maximise the power of creating their own content easily. Custom content, including the menuing, is merely a rendering via CSS. In layman's tems this mean we can make it look exactly how we want without changing the underlying implementation. We've clear demarcation between our coding and visuals. Take a look at how our client "The Hawthorn Gallery" use custom content on their home page. Both the upper horizontal menu and the image matrix are built using our custom content however the visuals are completely different.

For our user though it's simply right click, edit & save. Job done. Shouldn't it all be this way? Less time on technology, more time to focus on your business.
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
"Custom Content" is natively Multiuser
Everything we do at Project Peach is live. Our "Custom Content" is no exception. We are true native multiuser, if an admin user makes a change then other users will see the change instantly. We push live updates. Consider the example below, an admin user on the left is changing the menu. The guest user on the right has the menu open. When will the guest see the change? As soon as the admin hits the save button we update the ALL viewing users instantly. If no one is looking we simply don't send any unnecessary packets of wasted data.
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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