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Feb 2017
Case Study: Spring 2017 New Releases
John Ince
Case Study: Spring 2017 New Releases
So. You live in an online retail world where it’s important to get your products online before your competitors. In the case of ‘The Hawthorn Gallery’ it’s Art, first to market wins! How can we help you be first? Read on...
Setting the Stage
We’ve worked with ‘The Hawthorn Gallery’ for many years. They benefit greatly from our advanced live WebApp technology. We don’t just build websites and mobile apps at Project Peach, we optimise our client’s business processes. Consider release day. In the Spring and the Autumn our client’s supplier ‘Washington Green’ releases a new batch of Art. As you can imagine it’s going to involve a lot of website and mobile app changes. It’s going to be a lot of pain for a conventionally designed website. Worst of all the Art images are not released until the very day of the release. It’s a scramble to market, first to get the Art online for sale wins! Our live ecommerce WebApps respond well to change and can be updated speedily and easily. We give our client’s online business the agility to change in an ever more important online world. So just how do we help ‘The Hawthorn Gallery’ with their Art launch days.
Task 1: Uploading the Art Online Speedily
First step is to create the new Art releases on your website and mobile app. It’s very, very easy and a new piece of Art can be added in seconds, so easy in fact it’s doable from your mobile phone. However, it wouldn’t be great to be creating 100’s under pressure on Art release day. Fortunately for us the Artist and their new Art releases names, descriptions and pricing are available days before the actual release, only the images are withheld. So you can create new Art, minus the images, at leisure in the week running up to the big day and hide them from view. Create a new collection to categorise your new Art as ‘Spring 2017’ and hide it too. You’re going to link this collection to a splash advert on your home page come release day. So we’re all set with days to spare. When the images become available it takes seconds to add to the hidden Art and show the new product. Your Spring 2017 collection becomes available for sale, on mobile and desktop website seconds after release. Competitive advantage, we think so.

On the actual launch day, we monitored closely the competition. The Spring 2017 Art release was ONLY available at ‘Washington Green’, who are the supplier and have the distinct advantage of having the images ahead of time, and ‘The Hawthorn Gallery’. It wasn’t until 8 hours later did the first of the competition have their Art available online for sale. A whole day’s selling with no peer competition.
Task 2: A eMailshot to Promote the Release
So, it’s all fine and dandy getting your products on your website quicker than everyone else. How are we going to encourage clients to visit and take a look? Our live ecommerce WebApps have considerable back office functionality. We’ve a built-in customer database created automatically from previous purchase history. We’ve targeted mailshots out of the box and built into our solution. We can do much more than simply carpet bomb ALL our clients with an automatic generic new release email. We can send specific emails to clients who are interested in specific Art and Artists too. Tailored mailshots to a client’s preference. These mailshots are very easy to set up and dispatch without the need for external mailing list tools like mailchimp, it’s simply part of our solution. So your existing clientele know about your new release but what about NEW business, NEW clients? Read on…
Task 3: Google Search, SEO and Google Merchant Centre
Many make claims about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and we always tell our clients that we do our very best to get your online business indexed well by GoogleBot BUT we will never beat paid advertising with Google. It’s a fact. However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t go all out to provide you with the very best automated SEO available, both for mobile and desktop search, we’ve put a lot of effort in here. Out of the box we optimise our ecommerce WebApp to be efficiently indexed into Google search. This isn’t the speediest of processes and new products can take days, even weeks to be well indexed into search. Not too good for a new Art release that day. For faster results, we’ve built in automatic addition of your products into Google Merchant Centre. Just add your products to your own website/WebApp and they automatically turn up at the top of Google search in the form of shopping results, right at the top with little images to click right into your website. It’s for FREE, no additional work is required. Did it work? By the end of release day ‘The Hawthorn Gallery’ and of course ‘Washington Green’ were the only retailers with new release Art at the head of Google Search in the Merchant Centre. No competitors to be seen. Competitive advantage?
Proof that it Works?
How do we know if we’ve increased traffic? Who’s online? What are they looking at? What’s the most popular of the new releases? Your online business could use this information much better if it was available in real-time rather than historic like your average web statistics. We track all this information live, you can watch your clients browse around in real-time, offer advice and sell just like if they were in your bricks and mortar shop. Remember this is live feedback which helps tailor your paid Google advertising with real-time business intelligence that your competitors simply don’t have. Remember too that it’s all available on mobile too, when you leave the office you can monitor your online business from your sofa on your smartphone.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want to know more? Simply get in touch and we’ll show you the future.
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