Solve the problem of repeat prescription management once and for all
Jan 2017
Case Study: Listers Pharmacy
John Ince
Case Study: Listers Pharmacy
We were approached by a Manchester (UK) based pharmacy to solve a problem they were having managing their repeat prescriptions. We write apps too, not just websites and we use the exact same WebApp technology.
What's this Paper Shuffling All About?
Repeating prescriptions. What a headache. We spend far too much time each day going through the paperwork and trying to unravel just what needs ordering today, what's just arrived for dispatch in the coming days, then there's those partial order deliveries - we need to track the missing items too, what's being collected today, what we are delivering on our vans today. It's a paper shuffle with multiple staff members involved in the chase. How can we make this less work, more efficient and let our staff quit the duplication of effort. You can write us an app to help us here, right? Absolutely! We'll have your staff working in harmony in no time.
Remember. We're all about Apps in a Browser, Webapps
But we've only got one old computer and the staff are fighting for it all the time for our other business applications. That's an iPad isn't it over there? Yes. You can use that with our WebApps? Does that mean you're writing an Apple app? No. We write webapps that work on any device with a modern browser. So you can use it on your old desktop or the iPad or indeed that android phone you have in your hand. We install nothing on the device whatsoever and you access the app in the cloud using an URL that you can bookmark in your browser. You can also put an icon on your home page or on your desktop and that's it! That's what we do, apps that run in the cloud but you use in a browser. Simple!
If it's on the Web can't every Tom, Dick and Harry use it?
We're storing patients personal information. Is it secure to have a cloud hosted webapp and transmit the data over the Internet? Could anyone just open the app like we do in a browser? What if the data gets stolen from your server in the cloud? Hold on, one question at a time. We have the concept of private WebApps, it's our first line of defence. To use a private WebApp you need an administrator to create an account and login. It's a simple username and password. You need to know the URL to use which isn't indexed by Internet search engines since they can't read or traverse the WebApp naturally. We've also implemented IP address based login protection. We only allow users at your pharmacies' geographical location to login, unless of course another location has been authorised by an administrator. This stops your employees from accessing your data away from the shop location, unless authorised to do so. The data flowing across the Internet is protected by SSL/TLS in just the same way as HTTPS (secure websites), it's safe, secure and encrypted away from prying eyes. You simply can't read data en-route. When the data arrives at our cloud webapp we store the data in a database. Guess what, we encrypted that too with strong 256bit AES encryption. Only our WebApp can make sense of the data, if someone steals the file it's useless to them. We've gone the whole nine yards in protecting your data in the cloud. What if someone stole your pharmacy PC? Are you as confident about the data stored on that?
It's Going to be Too Expensive isn't it?
You invited us here to see how we can help you become more efficient, take some load of your employees and ultimately save you money. Would it surprise you if we'd already done the same process to ourselves as WebApp developers? We optimised our development process completely making it much faster than normal. Over the years we've implemented all the user interface elements that you'd expect in a modern application that we can simply reuse. Our building blocks are much, much bigger than most. We've also an existing infrastructure to manage these WebApps in the cloud without the need to ever make a visit to your location. We can do in a couple of days what it would take most developers a month. A team of two here performs better than a team of twelve. We prove this over and over again.
We Go Away and Build the Webapp, No we Don't!
We love the concept of constant delivery so why should you have to wait until we've coded the whole thing to decide we've got it all wrong? We want to work with you interactively to make sure we get it right from day one. You private WebApp starts life with a lot of base functionality before we even write a line of your specific requirements. You've a private version of social media, just like Facebook, where your employees can keep each other up to data on events in your business. It's private. The outside world can see it. It keeps your team in the know of what's going on. We've user to user instant messaging to keep each other bang up to date. You can create internal articles specific to your business, you're own private company Intranet. There's much, much more too. It's out the box. As we add the specific functionality we deliver it constantly. If we've coded the customer names and addresses, why can't you get on with the data entry whilst we build the rest? Using this method we get feedback from day one. There's no fanfare delivery date, just constant updates. We work together building your system until we're functionally complete.
Working Together on the Same Data in Harmony
We've put a lot of effort into what we call collaborative working, if you're in different locations remote collaborative working, it simply means that more than one user can edit the same data at the same time. If a large delivery comes through the door then multiple employees can work together checking the delivered status on their phones, tablets or laptop. Whatever device comes to hand. You're not tethered to and competing for a particular device. When a new repeating prescription is entered it appears live on other devices without any need to refresh. It's alive. When employees make changes on one device, other employees see it change in real-time on their devices. Perfect harmony, just the way it should have always been.
Where we are Today. Organised and Efficient
It's so cool. We've daily task sheets that need simply checking that the task has been done. What needs ordering, what's being collected by patients, what's being shipped for delivery and a delivery printout, what's arrived for prescriptions in the coming days, what's missing that needs chasing up... It's so simple, zero duplication of effort with all employee's data actions instantly visible to others in real-time.
Oops! There's a Problem, Help Us!
We know there's a problem, sorry that you spotted it too! We've gone to great lengths to let us, as developers, know that your WebApp is wobbling. They dial home in a crisis and we actively monitor it 24/7. We know if there have been issues and in almost all cases exactly what the error is and were the fix needs to be made. Remember there's no installation on any of your devices so we can access your WebApp in the cloud, update live and tell you it's all done. This forms the basis of our live bug reporting. Generally there's no customer involved, our WebApps silently tell us of warnings, alerts and errors and we fix them silently behind the scenes. This is how our software improves over time. Each new release adds new features and bug fixes. It's simply a better way of doing things.
So this is Really Useful to Our Pharmacy, What About Others?
If it's a problem to our pharmacy then it must be a problem to others. Maybe what we've developed for Listers could be used by other pharmacies. How could we make this happen? It's very, very easy. Our WebApps can be multiple instance. We can run many pharmacy WebApps on the same cloud server, each with it's own unique and private data. Nothing is shared except the program. Enter Heald Green Pharmacy. How long to set us up and get running. Less than a minute, would that do you? It really is that simple to us. In our cloud hosting infrastructure we fill in your company details in a form and click the create button, job done! A link to the new pharmacy WebApp is emailed to the new administrator and away we go! Safe and secure just like the previous pharmacy. It's simply a better way to develop, distribute and maintain apps. Feel free to ask for a live demo, we can visit your desk remotely. You'll be impressed!
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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