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Apr 2018
Case Study: DBD International
John Ince
Welcome to DBD International
We like DBD's acronym "Different By Design", so are we, as software developers - "very Different". We went to physically meet DBD at their UK office in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. "We need a new website quickly", said Dave Parr (the new Group Business Development Director). We had to agree but it's much, much bigger than websites these days. What about the currently 70%, and increasing each year, mobile visitors? and that's just for starters. How could DBD be ahead of the pack quickly and within a tight budget? Simply stand on top of our development stack and we can give you impressive website functionality straight out of the box in double quick time. And of course why should we pick Project Peach, you're new aren't you? We've been around since 2012, so perhaps still a new company BUT we're (as developers) NOT new and been in software development since the mid 1980s. Who else would you trust with your companies online business? We've actually successfully worked projects for Dave before, back in 1996 & 2006, so we've a successful history and track record. That helps. But can we help DBD now? Sure can and within 1/2 a day we have a working web application, website and mobile, for review and discussion. Here's the story...
Out with the Old
Try not to get bogged down with the look and feel of the existing website. DBD highlight pretty much exactly what we set out to fix in 2012. It's an old style website with HTML pages and a web designer manually changing the content in the old fashioned way. Just to change a word it's difficult, adding a new press release is a chore and perhaps worst of all it pretty static, changing little content on a day to day basis. It's not at all mobile friendly. A viction of the time it was built. Our futuristic framework fixes all these problems in a jiffy. Forget the web developer and simply concentrate on the content. Let's leave 1996 well behind in a surprising short time. We had the first cut in front of our clients within 1/2 day, the working website NOT a prototype.
Case Study: DBD International
Back in the day this was state of the art. Today customers expect a little more...
In with the New
A modern looking stylish website and mobile solution based on our live, interactive development framework. We've built a host of out of the box functionality that makes creating these web applications simple. It's as good for an application as it is for a website. Most of our work is simply painting to our client's brand. We use our stock template pages, controls and style visually. Our underlying framework makes the whole website feel like an application. It has Facebook style newfeed interaction, Whatsapp style messaging, a user friendship model, right click to edit / add new content, customisable jumps to content, live updating to watching customers and a host of other function out of the box. A website that you edit with your latest content, in realtime, without the web developer.
Case Study: DBD International
Visually stunning with the underlying function to match an application... Take a visit https://dbdinternational.com
Designing Interactively in Realtime but Remotely
We can't visit all our clients physically. Our live update technology helps us here. Clients see changes that we make in realtime without refresh. So we can design pages, help configure and work together far more effectively than using standard web development techniques. It helps us show our new clients just how easy it is to react to changes in their business instantly. Something happens, you want it online right? How? Just right click, add/edit and save. Job done. It's so easy you can update live whilst on the go from a mobile phone. So we work together from day one using this methodology. We don't disappear and reappear having created nothing like what you wanted. We worked with DBD closely and interacted at every turn.
Full Size Home Page Video
Would it be possible to have a full page video on our home page to instantly grab attention? It's a common trend on wordpress websites today to catch the eye and aid bounce (customers simply leaving on arrival). At the start of this project we didn't have a control to let us do this. The answer was simple, create the new full page video control. It then becomes available to all our projects. It's the same as all our other excellent live web page controls. How do you change content? Right click, edit the path to the video, save. Job done! A new video each day, easy!
Blogs: Just one type?
Blogs are a standard feature of our web applications (websites). The functionality to create, edit and index to search engines like google is bult in. DBD wanted to use the blogging for case studies. Perfect. However it might be nice to do some blogging too. Oh, and then there's press releases. They are all different types of blog but essentially easily built using our blogging functionality. Blog types has been on our product backlog for a while. We had noticed that it would be great not to be constrained by just one blogging type. Since we own all the code in our code base it's relatively easy for us, as software developers, to make changes to our underlying function to support new or enhanced features. It took an hours design and a days programming to bring to life blog types. Gone is the constraint of a single blog. We now have an unlimited number of user defined blog types to support their business. Case Studies, Press Releases, Blogs, etc. All with their own segregation into type. Searchable, with optional visual timelines and optional user comments. Put a link to a blog in our menus, pages, buttons by, you guessed it, right click, edit and save. Job done!
Case Study: DBD International
Case Study blog type from the DBD website.
A Drop Down Header Menu
Normally we have a hotdog style menu seen in the top left, a little button that slides a menu. Works well on desktop and mobile. DBD requested a more traditional drop down too. A bit of templating and styling and it's alive. As with all our creations we make a decision whether this will become part of our standard framework and available to all or simply be a specific part of our work for DBD. Most of our standard, out of the box, features evolved this way. To support this little addition we did a nice, project specific, scripting component that's fully compatible with our obfuscation and minification security techniques (a little, under the radar enhancement that no one else understands but we are immensely proud of). It doesn't end there either. What if you want another menu option? We made it custom content just like our traditional hotdog menu. To add another option, you guessed it, right click, edit & save. Job Done!
Case Study: DBD International
Our new drop down menu type. Specific to DBD for now but may become a standard option for all clients.
A Careers Page
Like most of our pages that we build for clients they are simply templates that contain our standard, functional, working controls. We simply structure and organise them in a way that makes sense for the page. As you can see from the current vacancies page it's user content driven using one of our standard collection controls and styled according to the need. We don't supply the content, just the framework to support the addition of content. The content is added in an entirely consistent manner. It's simple and easy. For our current vacancies page you guessed it, right click, add/edit, save.
Case Study: DBD International
Easy to edit content benefits the current vacancies page. The page was built in a jiffy using our standard controls. Our templates and controls are very simple and yet powerful when used in combination with each other.
Case Study: DBD International
Here is our standard popup for adding new vacancies. As you can see it's very easy. Just click the Add, type the job and save. It's published live on the current vacancies page to anyone watching without the need to refresh. That's why we call it live. We're also natively multiuser. We handle the fact that there might be multiple admins editing our content at the same time. Wouldn't want them overwriting each others changes if editing the same data. I guess most don't think of this aspect of websites. We do.
Adding and Editing Content
We've made adding content the biggest exercise in building one of our websites. We can build the skeleton far quicker than our clients can add content, that's the whole point. We put you in full control of your website data. DBD's job is so big they've employed a content editor specially for the job. The more content, the more change, the more dynamic the website the more you retain visitor interest and revisits. Fast moving websites are also better indexed for search than static, never changing, websites. That's why content is so, so important. Hence the size of the task. We taken the job of web designer and using some smart software rewritten how websites work. Ditch the web designer, get a content editor and a system where content change is a breeze.
Case Study: DBD International
Editing content in action. Right click, edit and save. How quick is your website updating?
I Like It. How Much?
We have a simple pricing model. Simply £25 (GBP - British Pounds) per month or save by paying annually £250 (GBP). This subscription covers your hosting and your maintenance (to add new features and keep you running). We also charge a one off intial fee to style/design your website in the brand of your company. This starts from £500 (GBP) depending on the number of differing content pages that you require. These prices are for lower volume (daily visits) sites enabling a cheaper start with the option to scale later. We also offer, at higher cost, your own dedicated server in our cloud. We can scale your online business from the start or as you grow. Get in touch for more information and exact pricing or to visit our clear pricing page https://projectpeach.co.uk/ProjectPeach/Default/Static/def/about_pricing.html
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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