Just one blog type? Now there's unlimited types that you create
May 2018
Blog Types: What's this all about?
John Ince
Blogs: Just a Single Type
Let's explain the issue. Our old blog implementation allow for only a single type of blog, a blog. It was initially designed so that you could keep your customers up to date with formatted articles with images formatted in typical blog fashion styled to your brand. Because it's so easy to change the wording and content on our websites and applications folks started to use them creatively. We seen them used for simple blogs, case studies, press releases, help systems and so on. However what if you've tailored your blogging into a help system and you also want to blog? Since there used to be only one blog type then it had been used up and you simply couldn't. So we decided to improve out blog support from one type to as many types as you care to create. Enter unlimited blog types. Read on...
Project Peach blogging
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
In our own Project Peach website we use blogs as straightforward blogging.
Scripttrack Blogging
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
In Scripttrack our blogging system is used as a help system. How do I?
Blogs: User Defined Multiple Types
We've had this in our product backlog for quite some time. It took a customer to ask to drive it to the top of the pile. Since we write and own our code base it's pretty easy to make quick enhancements and changes. With an hour of design and risk coupled with a days coding work we had it done. The concept of blog type was born. Our client create their own types, basic blog, case studies, press releases, help and so on which are in completely separate blog section and have optional timelines and commenting. Simply more ways to create customised content.
Admin Panel: Creating the Blog Types
We decided that it would be an administrators role to create and add blog types. So it's available in our Admin Panel section. A simple page in the panel that allows the creation, editing and deletion of blog types. There's no restriction to the number, just your imagination. Once a blog type is created it can be selected for menu, button and jump actions.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
The admin panel blog type maintenance page.
Creating Blog Type Content Access
In order to create blog type access it's simply a matter of creating a link to that blog type. In a menu, a button, a slider or any clickable item. For example you've created a new blog type of 'Case Studies', it makes sense to create a menu option to access the Case Study blogs. It's pretty easy with our custom content menuing. Right click, add and save. Just pick the action as blogs and pick the blog type from the drop down list.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
To add a new menu entry for the blog type 'Case Studies' simply right click and select from the drop down choices.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
There's now a new menu option called 'Case Studies'. Click the menu option and start entering your case studies just like any other blog.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
If you need a menu option to say the very latest blog then it's simple too. Just select blog, pick the type and select from the list of blogs of that specific type. Your link will take you straight to the correct blog from a menu, button or any other clickable entity.
Creating Blog Type Content
Each blog type is now compartmentalised into it's own type. Creating a blog of any type is the exactly the same. An admin sets whether the blog is timelined with date, for some types it makes sense, others it doesn't. The blogger determines whether users can comment on the subject matter. Basic blogging hasn't changed with the advent of blog types and creation and editing are standard across the types. Blogging is simply creating a header and working / ordering the content within our simple forms.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
The header list of case studies . Drill down to the content pages.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
Create / Edit the blog header information that will appear in the main blog list.
Blog Types: What\u0027s this all about?
Create / edit the blog content. Our simple blogs contain only header text, paragraph text and images. Standard styling to brand is applied to make the blogs visual consistent.
Blogging and SEO
Our new blog types have also been modified to work with our state of the art SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The more that you blog, the better you will be indexed. We've a full article https://projectpeach.co.uk/ProjectPeach/Default/Static/def/blog_8.html that highlights our advanced automatic SEO optimisation. We optimise for both desktop and mobile ranking. Even though we're a state of the art web application with dynamic content we ensure that search bots can read and index your blogging efforts really easily. It works.
Reacting Quickly to Client Needs
We listen to our clients needs. If one of our clients requests a feature like blog types then maybe others will too. We already had this feature on our extensive product backlog, it simply hadn't bubbled to top priority. We can react quickly because we wrote and own our own code, every line. We know what is involved and how long it will take. If you'd like a better IT experience then ask our clients what they think of our products. Ask us for a demo. We can make your online world a much easier place to do business...
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