We've got your back with backups. We don't rely on our hosting to cover it! Good job too!
Apr 2018
Backups: We've got your Back
John Ince
Automated and Manual Backup
Everyone backs up don't they? You'd be surprised. We were part of the 123reg VPS deletion fiasco in 2016, read about it here: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36072240 but we survived, some didn't. We, and our customers, were back online in a flash. That was completely down to our excellent backup regime. We trust nobody with our data, because some of it is your data, so we follow the mantra "if it's not backed up in two distinct, remote places then the data doesn't exist". It's actually built into our live webapp technology, we feel that it's that important. It's our own code and then some 3rd party offlining (we don't have to re-code the world do we?). Here's how it works...
Backups: We've got your Back
It's all Automated, It Just Works!
We're ALL automated. Our AIM (Application Instance Manager) controls all aspects of our running webapps like stopping, starting, updating, etc. It also controls backing up the data, your data. Once a day, overnight, our AIM copies each applications encrypted data store. It's a full snapshot of each webapps data set. We can use this data to either roll back or create a webapps data anew. We don't store any clear text data on our servers or the keys to decrypt it. So there you have it, all automated. You can forget it.
But what about Manual Backing up?
Obviously we've built a manual backup option into our extensive AIM web application. We simply click the button and you've a snapshot of a webapps encrypted data set at that time. We use this internally to check for problems or configure local versions for software bug fixing and bug replication. Remember it's only our cloud administrators that can access the AIM. For our clients it's simply forget all about backing up, we've got your back and we've secured your data, both content and it's visibility to 3rd parties.
Backups: We've got your Back
Just click the Backup menu option to instantly take an encrypted data set backup. Remember only our admin staff have access to the offline decryption keys. If your data set falls into the wrong hands then it's useless without the access keys. We store no clear data text in our cloud or the keys to it.
But when was the last Successful Backup?
We've both automated and manual information about your data backup success or failure. We can drill down the pages into your cloud hosted webapp via our AIM or check the logs manually. We've also built in failure notifications if we need to take action. Remember we've got your back data wise. There's no value in theft from our cloud because nothing is human readable and we can recover to a new server from our latest data set. Forget backing up worries we've got it covered completely.
Backups: We've got your Back
Check the last backup section of our webapp information panel.
Protecting your Data when Updating Software
Our AIM is also reponsible for updating your software to newer versions and jfor bug fixing. Nothing is installed locally on your device, it's all cloud powered. But what if our automated updates turns out to have a software problem? We can simply roll it all back to before the update and you're webapp is back online. We take automated data set backups both before and after the update process. Before update, so that we can roll back. After update, so that we have the new data set image for problem solving. Our smart webapps have ownership of their data structures and have responsibility for both data and meta data (data about data). We don't have to make the changes to our underlying database schema for updates, our webapps fully control it all by themselves. Hence we can roll back versions automatically without worrying about matching data structure with the code base. If all that is a bit heavy then simply be satisfied that we treat your data with the highest respect both in terms of integrity and also privicy.
Backups: We've got your Back
Our amazing attention to detail regarding the importance of your data has made our backups and updates bullet proof. We've got your back regarding data privicy, integrity and offline copies. Simply put we've a backup process that saves our bacon, and yours too, come the catastrophe. We've been proving this technology since 2012 and survived a major hosting 'full on' deletion drama. Backups proved, tested and successful since 2012!
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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