So how do we make Project Peach look a million dollars?
Jun 2018
A Stunning Website for 2018
John Ince
Ok, We're Not Proud of It
So. As developers we've created the most stunning, functional framework to create the powerful, online websites and applications of the future. We're not claiming to be Graphic Designers. We supply the toolkit to build the live website functionality and graphic designers build the visuals. We decided that to prove what we say, we might have to do it, rather than say we can do it.

Here's our old versions of Project Peach home page/landing page. Everything about it was lost on everyone that visited. We're not particularly proud of the visuals. We've a live weather widget that receives push data and changes live in response to a weather station in York, UK. So what! What we've learnt over the years is that looks are far more important than cool function. Well, it's looks first then cool function. Unfortunately we got it the wrong way round. However it can be fixed...
Here's our Visual Timeline
Project Peach has been changing over the years. It's took us quite a while to build our live framework and the visuals have somewhat lagged behind our function. Here's our visual timeline, some of it is not pretty, but you know the story of the ugly ducking...
2012 - 2016
A Stunning Website for 2018
Project Peach Street. This is how we started in 2012 showing live aspects like weather, time, online status, shutters on the shop window, working billboards, working windmill sensitive to wind speed. You name it we wanted to push live data content.
2016 - 2018
A Stunning Website for 2018
Would you want a website like this? Maybe we've had mechanics car syndrome. We do listen however and visuals are the very least of our worries. Easy to change. If your current website is all visual then you'll have a much harder job implementing the function.
2018 -
A Stunning Website for 2018
Here we are today with our latest revamp. We told you all along that the visuals are completely separate from the function. We've also completely standardised our website with the technology we use for our clients. We now eat our own dog food.
Eating your own Dog Food
We've built a live software framework that ALL our websites and applications sit on top of. It's multi-layered in terms of functionality. At the very cornerstone of our foundations is the core. All our specialised application types use the core, without exception. It contains our primitives like our live smart connections and our application messaging infrastructure. Layered above we have our regular webapps which bring higher level user functionality to the equation, things like a private versions of Facebook, WhatsApp messaging, static website fallback, social media integration and more. The stuff that you need out of the box to build a WordPress beating online website. The key point to note here is the inheritance of the base core functionality. For our eCommerce package we layer on top of our regular webapp adding retail specific functionality like cart, purchases, customers, auctions, mailshots and much more whilst inheriting both the core and the regular webapp function. In this way we can further derive specialisations of retail to add client specific function. We have lots of diverse starting levels based on the type of application we are aiming to build.

The creation of live webapps hasn't been a static, none changing, process. We've been refactoring and enhancing constantly since 2012. Our architecture, design and coding is in a constant state of development. This is terms of both coding and visual structure. When the Project Peach website was born way back we simply based it on the core and built the specifics we needed by hand. However in 2018 our layered framework gives us much more visual and functional flexibility. So we can inherit more function by deriving from a higher level but also create a unique and specialised graphical presentation. An option that we simply didn't have in 2012 or 2016 during our last website revamps.

In 2018 we can truly make a stunning visual website tailored completely to client. The client includes ourselves since we now fully use our own webapp framework without creating a unique specialisation. We eat our own dog food and it tastes pretty good!
Buffing up Blog Headers
A few sprints ago we added in a blog types feature, well the core of a blog types feature. You can read all about it here https://projectpeach.co.uk/ProjectPeach/Default/Static/def/blog_42.html The key concept was to allow not only blogging but also categorise into type. So blogs can be Case Studies, Press Releases, Help, Whatever. Since we work in short sprints it's not possible to do everything in a fortnight. We added just the core functionality and returned to add more. We've added cool headers to each blog type and also each blog. But we didn't stop there. We liked the effect of these headers so much that we added them to our other content pages like the newsfeed and the team page. In reality virtually everywhere and it's available in all of our projects.

Currently all our blogs are historically confined to one type, blogs. Over the coming months we will make more use of typing to better sort our reading material. In another sprint we will add the ability to switch blog types of existing blogs to fix this. We currently have a real mix of technical and basic documents, a legacy of only one type of blog. Sorry about that, for now that is!
A Stunning Website for 2018
A Showcase Portfolio
We wanted our Portfolio to really shout out what we do. We've taken a sample of our clients. Feel free to contact any of these businesses and ask what they think about Project Peach. We're always in a state of improvement with our webapps, both visually and functionally. Over the coming weeks we're having a visual revamp of many of our client's website. We will blog the changes as always. Come with us and we'll drive your online world into the future. Most website companies stop working with you on project completion. Want a refreshing change?
A Stunning Website for 2018
A Simple Pricing Model
We wanted to show that our futuristic web applications, websites and applications, are very competitively priced when compared against just a normal website. So we've a new pricing page. Why settle for less for the same price?
A Stunning Website for 2018
Try it on your Mobile Phone
We've a concept here that your cloud webapp is your mobile app. We are both responsive and reactive in design. Don't take our word for it, open your mobile phone browser and head over to ProjectPeach.co.uk. If you're interested in our opinions on none installation, handling updates off the device and saving energy head on over to our other blogs.
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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