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Jun 2017
A Guided Tour
John Ince
Who Are We?
We're two experienced software engineers who have the knowledge to change the world of apps and websites forever. In the past we've helped global orgainisations like IBM, Unilever and Amey to excel in software architecture, design and coding. We've taken our decades of experience creating quality, industrial strength, software and made a solution that's easier for everyone, users and developers. Over the past five years we've turned the world of software on it's head. It's built on 5 years, self funded, R&D combined with rigourous client testing.

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How have we Changed Online eCommerce?
In 2011 we correctly predicted the movement of high street retail to online. We also realised that the future of online shopping would be mobile. Having worked for decades in the software industry creating retail solutions for clients we had realised that today's technology, this is still true in 2017, is completely unsuited for task, archaic in nature and a better solution was needed. So we created our eCommerce live webapp architecture. Using our technology a retailer's online world is much more like a real bricks and mortar store, there's true live customers and realtime interaction. We've covered everything from auctions better than eBay, to live discount sales that you enable just like programming your digi-tv box. Best of all our online world updates in realtime, make the change and your customer will see it without refresh. If there's a change in your business it's simple to update your content instantly with zero lead time or web development. It's also a single solution for both mobile app and website. We believe in a mobile first approach. Try live retail on ALL your devices.

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A Mobile App and a Website in Perfect Harmony
In our software industry today we've a host of duplication. We're creating mobile apps, one for each major app store and device, a website and perhaps supporting internal or external applications for clients or in-house support. They all use different development technologies and human skillsets. What a waste of human resource and effort. What if just one technology was needed for ALL? Your mobile app is your website and your website is your mobile app. A single solution with zero compromise, change your online content from a mobile phone and your website updates in realtime. Add content on the go from mobile. Remember too that your changes are distributed without refresh so your content is never missed by your customers. We believe that you don't need a mobile app or website, you need just one total online solution. Most of all it needs to be easy to update instantly with zero skill.

How do we revolutionise our client's online?
Preserve your Investment in your Existing Technology
So you want to start out on your next generation product. As experienced software engineers it occured to us that we are locked in a cycle of throwing away perfectly good software to simply recreate it using a different technology. We've created a way of keeping your existing legacy code and creating a great new webapp with zero distribution or installation. A mobile app and browser solution using your tried and tested code without a complete rewrite. Imagine the return on investment in upcycling rather than creating new.

How do we upcycle your existing code?
What about Security and Hacking?
How secure is our solution? From our onset we've created the most secure online in the world. We're hack proof! How do we know? Since 2012 we've hosted a bitcoin honeypot to test our security 365/24/7. It's still running, take a look http://cashclamber.com and give it a go. We tempt both white hats and the more subversive types to probe our defenses. Think about the diversity of our technology by appreciating that we created a gaming solution based on the exact same technology as our eCommerce solution. We also human test our software every second of every day for bitcoin. We know that our software works. We also predicted in 2011 that bitcoin and digital currency would be BIG. We've a complete client and server side secure solution. There's no code to read in the browser and no readable code or data in our cloud.

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Our Cloud: Performance, Efficiency and Energy Saving
We built our solution around a greener world. We wanted to use less energy by improving our efficiency in virtually every area. We reduce the amount of data flowing across the Internet by using our smart connections. We handle moving data in a fast, quick manner, reducing the computational power required to run a webapp. We can do much more in our cloud with less resources. Imagine a world where bigger and bigger data centres were simply a thing of the past, tighter and smaller is the future. It's not simply just about well designed software we also save energy with zero client distribution or updating, less data and less energy. There's only a single update in our cloud for new versions of our software. Couple this with zero duplication of software creation via our single solution technology and we've almost saved the planet.

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What about IoT?
Our smart connections are ideally suited to IoT. We can build public or private IoT networks using our existing technology. Best of all we make IoT much more secure. We've removed the need for a built-in webserver in the device, it's simply a client connection. We can connect your client's machines around the world and build secure live control dashboards. It's the exact same technology as our live webapps, same communication framework. Our IoT configuration is much, much simpler being client based rather than web server based.
The Next Generation of Website Builder has Arrived
You're a hosting company and your client wants an eCommerce solution. How can we improve the static status quo. We mentioned about our eCommerce solution earlier but it's much, much bigger. It replicates easily in the cloud and is particularly well suited to self service. This isn't by coincidence, this is by design. Remember that our realtime webapps run in the cloud and are accessed by an URL. We've created the whole administrative dashboard to simply create a new live store online in a single click. These retail webapps are full function from clicking a link, simply add products and customise your content without any knowledge whatsoever. We've also an upsell opportunity in tailoring the visuals to company branding. We carefully separated the function from the visuals so web designer can draw without the need to understand the code. It's an amazing system with complete demarcation between software engineer and graphic artist.

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How do we Monitor our Live Technology Health?
As software engineers we wanted to fix what we thought was broken with current software development techniques. Over the decades we learnt what burned up our time. One by one we fixed our time drains. We've now a comprehensive mechanic system where bugs and errors come to us as coders. We know before our clients know that something is going wrong. We don't believe in waiting for our clients to tell us, we want to know. We monitor everything. Using this technology our software improves over time which is kind of different to other development technologies. Using our advanced live monitoring we can optimise our expensive development team.

A healthy webapp
So How's it Work in the Real World?
We've had live clients in diverse business areas since 2012. We've transformed their online world completely. We own the future.

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Remember this is only a tiny part of what we do, how we save time and energy and simply how we are 10 years ahead with our technology. Want to join us in the future?
A Demo without Leaving your Desk
So you've looked around our live technology BUT want to see what really makes it realtime? It's hard to visualise until you see it from an administrator's perspective. Why not take a demo at your desk? We'll teamviewer you into our presentation and show you our world. We promise that we'll blow you away completely. It's nothing like you've ever seen before. If we can make your jaw drop what about your clients? Save time, money and stress by joining our live webapp movement today!
And Finally. A Point, well made, from a Retail Customer
A Guided Tour
If it's easy to keep your online retail world bang up to date then sure your stock can be completely accurate. We've the concept of realtime stock that merges your shop sales with your online world exactly using live cart technology. Guess what? Customer notice when you do something right!
Doing it differently since 2012. We're simply 10 years ahead. Our software is designed, coded, maintained, supported & hosted in the United Kingdom.
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