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eCommerce: 0% Interest Monthly Payments
Extending our Payment Options
Our eCommerce solution has always contained the ability to charge credit and debit cards on checkout. We've a wide variety of choice from PayPal, Stripe or Barclaycard. It's up to you, pick one or all. Easy to set up and securely handled by our partners we never see or store your customer's card details. For more information check out our previous blog: which illustrates our Live Shopping Cart. Some options are only available to clients who have a secure webapp, by this we mean have a security certificate enabling HTTPS. We've always liked the thought of allowing clients to choose to pay on monthly plans so we decided to team up with DUOLOGI ( and implement their solution in our checkout process and live cart. From a business point of view it might just generated some more sales.
Monthly Payment Option Pricing on the Product Page
As with all that we do we wanted our interest free approach to look and feel a natural part of what we do. We didn't want any page disruption and liked the idea of making it real, live data BUT displayed in a way that doesn't distract from brand. We think that we've nailed it as you can see in the image below. Or you can go and see it in action yourself at
It's a beautiful addition to the page. Since we call the DUOLOGI API in realtime there's a little delay before it pops onto the page. A nice little eye catcher to perfectly define the prescence of interest free payments. A suggested plan that fits with our other dynamic page elements like auctions and sales discounting.
Perfect Checkout Integration
We've integrated obtaining finance as part of our checkout process. There's simply another option available to "Pay in Full" which is "Pay Monthly". If you choose to pay in full you simply enter your debit or credit card details or select the other payment options like Barclaycard or PayPal. The same as it ever was. Choose pay monthly and we open a new drop down which allows the 0% time period to be selected which is from 3 to 12 months and the deposit that the customer wishes to pay. We do the round trips to DUILOGI to request the payment plan details and show in the summary details. The client then heads off to the DUILOGI website to fill in the simple credit agreement, get instant approval, pay the deposit, set up the direct debit and electronically sign the agreement. Job done. But how do our admins know when the client passes through each stage of this process? Read on.
Pay in full option. In this case using our built in integration to Stripe. Remember we don't process the financial transaction it's all stripe. We neither see or store your customer's credit card details. Other payment options are available including PayPal, which again is handle solely by PayPal.
Select the deposit and the payment term and we'll do the roundtrips to DUILOGI to find a plan and work out the repayments. Ready to go? Click the 'Apply Now' button to electronically apply for credit. Again we don't see any of the client's financials it's all handled by a trusted financial authority.
Hit the "Apply Now" button to start the application for credit. It's all handled by DUILOGI and fully integrated into our eCommerce solution. For information you don't need a consumer credit licence to offer this type of interest free credit, simply register at DUILOGI and get a security key which is entered in our admin panel and you're good to go!
Finance Application Progression
We a complete purchases section for our admin users. Each purchase is recorded and maintains a state for pending to complete. Each customer is added to our customer database. We've a state of the art client management system which even includes selective mailshots of selective products. DUILOGI interest free sales have simply been added to this purchases system. It's simply a new type that joins Stripe, PayPal, Barclaycard, Cash, etc. However a DUILOGI has more 'states' than simply paid or pending payment. We track the whole transaction through the DUILOGI system and update our admin's view of the sale as events occur in the finance application process. For example when the client pays the deposit DUILOGI lets us know and we update our purchase item with the progress. It's completely automated up to the point where the finance is accepted and paid.
Our purchases item popup shows the 'state' of the interest free credit application progress. It's signed with the time that the event occured and flagged with a green light. The customer flows through these financial progress markers when filling the credit form, obtaining credit, paying the deposit and signing the agreement. Our admins are kept fully up to date with progress without having to visit the DUILOGI admin pages.
Integration with our Mailshot system
Wouldn't it be great if you could show 0% finance deals in your mailshot campaigns? It's built in now, we added the feature as part of the financing enhancement. With our mailshots you can target selective clients by easily querying the built in customer database. For example target all clients who have previously bought art by 'Craig Davison' and email selective new art. It's really powerful and now optionally shows credit terms too.
Build complex mailshot campaigns with our simple interactive form. No complexity, just simplicity. We've now added optional finance terms to each product in the mailshot.
Here's the mailshot preview. Check the financial terms alongside each item. We automate your online business and give you back time.
Customer Finance Out of the Box
Our eCommerce has secure payments out of the box. Now we have 0% interest free credit to offer to your payment methods. Remember we add these great features all the time. If you run your online business with our eCommerce webapp then new features appear automatically. How's your current online solution. Want to join us? Just ask for a demo today.
John Ince