Project Peach
Knot 2b Missed
Knot 2b Missed
An independent, environmentally friendly, bespoke wedding stationery company based in York, UK. We've been working together since 2014.
"It's going to be too expensive to allow my clients to create their wedding invites & stationery online isn't it? That was my question. I liked the live retail store but I'd really like my clients entering their own guest lists. I'd like them to visually type on a virtual card. I was blown away with Project Peach's positive reply & their help scoping the custom development within my very limited budget. Previously it used to take over 4 hours per order, it now takes me less than 1 minute per order. These guys don't create websites they build online business solutions. My clients love the mobile version too. A big thank you from me. x"
Jemma Tee
Personalised Invites
We listened to Jemma at Knot2Bmissed. We found out her two main production issues & suggested a way to solve them. Remember we're not just about beautiful websites. We offer real solutions to real problems. She said "I spend hours typing guest lists into a word template". We said "Why not let your clients type in their guest lists & how about we format your wedding invite print run automatically". We just removed your production bottleneck. Oh, and the webite looks stunning too!
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