Project Peach
The Hawthorn Gallery
The Hawthorn Gallery
Opening over a decade ago. The Hawthorn Gallery is an independent fine art gallery. We've been working together since 2012.
"I'm a businessman, not a web designer & I want to spend more time selling art than struggling to update my website. I then met the guys from Project Peach & it all sounded too good to be true. That was in 2012. Their live web application technology has transformed my online business, with both mobile & website solutions. It's so easy to update I can do it from my mobile. New art is online in under a minute. It drives my whole online world from social media to back office invoicing. If you want an easier life you really need to talk to these guys or talk to me live on my interactive, live website."
Ian at The Hawthorn Gallery
A Modern Solution
We don't build websites for our clients, we solve their business problems by creating web applications that do work. Our websites are not just visually stunning, they help your business to be much more efficient online. We listened to Ian at The Hawthorn Gallery & fixed his time consuming problems one by one. We worked together to make his working day all about selling art & nothing about technology.
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