Project Peach
A photography showcase website. Eyesshare having been working with us to hone our webapp framework since 2013
"I spend my time taking photos of the world. I'd like you to see what I see through my lens. I've a passion for photography but little passion for information technology. I was looking for a solution that was, well, less technical and more take a shot and upload. I really wanted to create on the go too, why can't I simply shoot and upload instantly. Whatever I shoot, on whatever device, I can upload in a click to my online albums. Best of all my mobile and website are the same thing and update instantly across all connected users. My fans never miss an image. That's the key for me, I update my mobile app and website with my phone or laptop, wherever my location. It's given me more time to concentrate on my photograhy in a world where the technology just works."
Janice at Eyesshare
Photography Showcase
Eyesshare is a non-retail showcase website for a photographer. It allows custom creation of albums and associated photos from any device, whatever is most convenent at the time. Shoot from mobile or camera, upload from either, it's that simple. It has a labelled searching to help users find the type of photograph they are interested in. Why not pay a visit to Eyesshare today and leave a like or comment on your favourite photographs.