Project Peach
Cash Clamber
Cash Clamber
A long stayer in the Bitcoin community. Playing retrogaming for bitcoin since 2012. This is how we human test our live technology & security 365/24/7? It's popular & grew legs of it's own.
"Back in the early days of Project Peach, way back in 2011, we were looking for a way to both demonstrate & human test our advanced live technology. As CTO of Project Peach I wanted a live WebApp that would really show off our amazing real-time features. We connect our clients together live, they play games head to head & interact together. All our new core features make it into Cash Clamber first, to human test prior to making their way into our business critical software. We also test our impressive online security. We've hosted a bitcoin website 365/24//7 since 2012. We prove constantly that your webapps are secure. Project Peach power our online gaming world."
John at Cash Clamber
A Little Serious Fun
Cash Clamber has turned into a legend in the Bitcoin world. Running a popular streaker game there's prizes every 30 minutes. It started out as just a bit of fun. To show off the live aspects of our technology & demostrate how users should be interacting on the next generation of live websites. We soon realised it's an excellent way to prove your online security, to human test software by throwing it into the wild & to attract attention to our core business. Take a look as some of our cool games. Need a more compelling web experience for your clients?
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