Project Peach
Our Team
Looking for the finest technology talent to work with your business? We've been at the leading edge for nearly 40 years.
We Build the Next Generation of Cloud Hosted, Native Code, LIVE WebApps
We're simply two talented software engineers. During nearly four decades at the leading edge with global organisations like IBM we know a thing or two about the software development life cycle. Back in 2011 we created Project Peach to FIX what we knew was consuming our time as developers, to optimise the development process, make bugs/maintenance less time consuming and create the real-time collaborative software framework of the future. Five years on we're quite a way down the road. Did we succeed? Why not browse around, read our blogs and perhaps ask our clients. If you need a better 'live' software architecture for your companies technology foundations why not get in touch. We've self-funded our project to the tune of £400k so far, we're fiercely independent from software architecture and development strategy dogma. We own ALL of our framework code which is hardware portable on both client and server side. We're a team of two working like a team of ten. Find out more about our dream for the future and why we are constantly told our Project Peach technology is ten years ahead today.
Senior Developer
Founder. Joined in 2012. I'm a full-stack programmer building the real-time software of the future. I code for the next generation.
Founder. Joined in 2012. A visionary with an eye into the future. I'm the architect who designed live webapp technology.