Project Peach
Your Mobile App is your Website too
We custom tailor your state of the art e-commerce solution to your exact branding. It's driven by our unique live technology which makes websites more like apps. We create beautiful design coupled to advanced real-time functionality that brings your online business alive like never before. We lift the technology burden from your shoulders & enable you to concentrate on your business. One simple solution for mobile, tablet & website that you control. Read on...
Beautiful Design coupled with live Functionality
E-Commerce Live WebApps can be hand tailored graphically to your exact branding or you can pick an instant template, you'll be up and running in just one click. Functionally your mobile app and website is powered by our tried and tested real-time e-Commerce system. It's been powering business critical online retail systems for nearly 3 years. It's built on top of 4 years of R&D, solid development and 365/24/7 security using real human testing. We create the best real-time WebApps on the planet. E-Commerce Live WebApps are particularly suitable for self-service from web hosting companies. They are the next generation of website builders with much less emphasis on building, less skill needed, just add products and sell instantly. Remember it's both a mobile app and a website in one solution with zero installation.
Our e-commerce solution is bursting with real-time features to drive your online world into the next decade. We've hand picked just a few for your immediate attention. Want to see it live & in-action? Why not arrange an at your desk demonstration? No sales pressure we're software engineers not salesmen. We promise a desktop demo to remember. It's jaw-droppingly good.
Update Content Live
Change products, content & images live. Instantly update prices, photos & descriptions. Push changes to clients in real-time, no refresh
One Solution, All Devices
One online business solution for website, tablet and mobile app. Quit the development & maintenance duplication.
Secure Payments
Take payments securely with seamless integration with a range of providers including PayPal, Barclaycard & Stripe
Live Customers
It's like your 'bricks & mortar' store. See customers arrive, watch their browsing actions in real-time & interact. Live business intelligence
Smart Searching
We've zero roundtrip, as you type, smooth searching in real-time. If a matching result is added post search we'll 'live' add it to your results. We've a 'taste' search too
Instant Discounts & Sales
Create a SALE in seconds. Apply sales discounts & voucher codes that activate instantly in customer's browsers. Need a timed sale start and end date?
Live Stock Control
We update stock levels in real-time at cart level. What if two clients are both looking at the same 'last remaining' product. First to cart owns the item & we remove the 'buy' button from the other customer
Your Own eBay
We've a real auction room much better than eBay. Auction your own products where your customers are live 'in the room'. We even have an extra time concept just like a real auction
Your Own Facebook
What if you could engage your customers on YOUR website? We've a live newsfeed with real-time user interaction, likes & commenting. A reason to return on a daily basis
Your Own Skype
We've built in live messaging. Your customers can chat with you in real-time & also chat with each other. In supported browsers we have voice & video calling too
Mailshot Your Clients
What if you could email targeted clients with new products of interest? Our searchable customer database keeps you in direct contact with your client base
Google Merchant Centre
We register your products automatically with Google Merchant Centre. This supplements our built-in mobile & desktop automatic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Are LiveWebapps just about e-Commerce?
No. Our Live Framework is the Foundation for Quality Software.
We built our e-Commerce WebApp as an example of how everything works better in real-time. We've also built a range of other solutions for clients from Gaming for Bitcoin to Pharmacy Prescription Management, pretty diverse, but they ALL share the same foundations. The Project Peach real-time framework. We wanted to improve our life as software engineers. Our framework helps us code better, find bugs easily and faster respond to business critical software defects. It helps two engineers do the work of ten engineers, we prove it day in, day out! This is just the tip of our iceberg, want to know more?