Project Peach
We need a modern browser to run our WebApp. Because you have either a legacy browser or have javascript disabled this is the best we can do!
WebApp Loading Time: The Battle Continues...
We've a constant battle to reduce webapp loading time, particularly on slower network speeds. In this refactor we've come up with a novel merge of our static website and dynamic webapp to improve loading time user experience. Did we hit the mark? Any improvement?
eInvoicing: Project Peach
We wanted a way of electronically invoicing our clients and letting them pay the 'modern' way on our website via bank transfer or credit card. Some of our products are repeating monthly/yearly subscriptions which are hard to track. We wanted to fix it all and ease our working day. Hence eInvoicing is born.
eCommerce: Product Custom Attributes
We've implemented a set of custom product attributes that help your customers clearly to identify the key characteristics of your products. It's the very start of our coding journey in terms of functionality and helps standardise our eCommerce WebApps. Read on, it's not that boring!
Blog Types: Custom Templates and Styles
What if different blog types, like Case Studies, Press Releases, Blogs and so on could all have a completely different visual look and feel? We used to be constrained to one visual template for ALL blog types, after this current sprint that's all changed
eCommerce: Opening Hours
How do you change your shop's opening hours on your website? Direct editing? Our live CMS has specialised custom content widgets that makes editing our websites feel more like using an application. One of these live CMS widgets is the Opening Hours widget. We make it very easy for you!
The Hawthorn Gallery: 2018 Visual Update
We've always an eye for the visual trends of the year. Since we can change the style of our pages with ease we like to update our clients every now and then. Keeps them well ahead of the competition.
A Live and Multi-User CMS
How's your current CMS (Content Management System)? Can you update from a mobile, out and about? Can multiple users edit in complete harmony? Are the changes you make pushed live to anyone looking? Our websites and applications are true multi-user. Fed up overwriting each other's changes? Then read on...
Supercharge Page Loading Time
We recently did some work on speeding up WebApp loading times which inspired us to do a page load optimisation refactor. Simply speed up the load of our pages particularly in our retail eCommerce WebApps. We're now super smooth on an old Samsung Galaxy S3 from 2012.
RIP. Cash Clamber 2012 - 2018
We've retired our bitcoin gaming website. Good job, well done. For the past six years this has been the cornerstone of our security and core framework testing. It's been superseded by last years newcomer Monero Mine. Here's the obituary.
A Stunning Website for 2018
It's all about how it looks. We've always claimed that our Graphic Design was easily changed, loosely coupled from our function and the very least part of what we do. So how do we make it look a million dollars? We've revamped Project Peach. Take a look...
The 10PM Nightmare
We might be good BUT we're only human and we all make mistakes. We just tracked the bug of the century partly because of our excellent self-diagnosis and monitoring tools. Our mechanics simply have more information to find software problems rapidly. Our software improves over time. How about yours?
Turbocharge Webapp Loading Time
We're always refactoring here. Updating and improving code to the benefit of ourselves as programmers and our end user experience. We listen. If you say 4 seconds is too long to wait then we'll improve on it.
A Modern File Uploader
Since we've a state of the art 'live' CMS (Content Management System) we wanted our clients to be able to upload files, particularly large files, safely and with progress indication. Sounds like a job for our smart websockets connection.
eCommerce: 0% Interest Monthly Payments
We've taken the pain away from taking safe and secure electronic payments over the Internet. With our live retail ecommerce solution you can take debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and NOW offer Monthly Payment Interest free credit. It's all out of the box. Learn more...
SEO Information Made Simple
We've always handled your SEO in the background. Generally we set up all the criteria in our admin panel. It was a bit of an arcane science however we've now improved our end user experience. You can now set up your search engine information as you want it to appear when indexed.
Blog Types: What's this all about?
We've always had blogs as an out of the box feature. Tell your customers what's going on, get better indexed in search, create content yourself. But it was just one type, a blog. What if you wanted more than one type? We added this new feature. Read on...
Case Study: DBD International
We wanted to say a few words about our latest client, DBD International. Our remit: "Bring their website into 2018". Make it easy to control content, easy to update, easy to use on mobile and offer employees /customers live interaction with each other. Just for starters...
Backups: We've got your Back
We've hadn't thought of blogging about our excellent backup strategy until someone asked "Hey how do you backup your cloud?". So here it is. We've put a lot of work into our drainage system, beneath the hood, whatever you call it. We just presumed that most would expect a great built-in backup solution.
Monero Mining
As you've probably gathered we like the world of cryptocurrency here at Project Peach. We loved the concept of bitcoin back in the day. We've been recently been looking into monero and it's local mining concept. We built this in hours using our layered live webapp framework to demo our core live webbapp technology. Enjoy!
iLinks: A Big Jump Forward
We've had this feature on our agile backlog for ages. Our single page design gives smooth navigation, without visible server roundtrips. We wanted a general way to handle a smooth internal page jump from a instant message or a newsfeed post via a posted URL
WebApps: Easy Rubber Stamping & Distribution
So you've developed your website or app. How easy is it to create another one just like it, perhaps personalised to brand, for other customers to use. What's the procedure, the installation and the updating? We do it in a click, or perhaps a couple of clicks
Twitter Promotion 365/24/7
We automatically post to twitter day and night at your preferred frequency. Simply authorise your twitter accout and away it goes. For our retail customers we post selected products and promotions with images. We've built 100k followings with zero effort
Admin Panel: For Admins Only
Our admin panel let's your superusers control their webapps live. From user access, rebooting your webapp to alerts it's all in here. We've a layered approach that depends on your user type giving filtered access to admin features
eCommerce: Live Cart for Admins Updated
We incrementally add new features all the time. We started the live cart work in our realtime web statistics a little while ago. We've now added a little more than pre-checked out carts. Watch your customers check out live as they type
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
In our most recent agile sprint we've been working on our visuals. We've been re-skinning our webapps to reflect what we perceive to be trending looks for 2017. Our careful demarcation of code and visuals makes this process just about drawing