Project Peach
We need a modern browser to run our WebApp. Because you have either a legacy browser or have javascript disabled this is the best we can do!
Monero Mining
As you've probably gathered we like the world of cryptocurrency here at Project Peach. We loved the concept of bitcoin back in the day. We've been recently been looking into monero and it's local mining concept. We built this in hours using our layered live webapp framework to demo our core live webbapp technology. Enjoy!
iLinks: A Big Jump Forward
We've had this feature on our agile backlog for ages. Our single page design gives smooth navigation, without visible server roundtrips. We wanted a general way to handle a smooth internal page jump from a instant message or a newsfeed post via a posted URL
WebApps: Easy Rubber Stamping & Distribution
So you've developed your website or app. How easy is it to create another one just like it, perhaps personalised to brand, for other customers to use. What's the procedure, the installation and the updating? We do it in a click, or perhaps a couple of clicks
Twitter Promotion 365/24/7
We automatically post to twitter day and night at your preferred frequency. Simply authorise your twitter accout and away it goes. For our retail customers we post selected products and promotions with images. We've built 100k followings with zero effort
Admin Panel: For Admins Only
Our admin panel let's your superusers control their webapps live. From user access, rebooting your webapp to alerts it's all in here. We've a layered approach that depends on your user type giving filtered access to admin features
eCommerce: Live Cart for Admins Updated
We incrementally add new features all the time. We started the live cart work in our realtime web statistics a little while ago. We've now added a little more than pre-checked out carts. Watch your customers check out live as they type
Updating our 'Look and Feel' for 2017
In our most recent agile sprint we've been working on our visuals. We've been re-skinning our webapps to reflect what we perceive to be trending looks for 2017. Our careful demarcation of code and visuals makes this process just about drawing
Custom Content: Updating our Menuing System
We've recently been reworking our menuing system to be driven by 'Custom Content' rather than editable but rather fixed menu entries. We use this dynamic technique everywhere to simplify our next generation content management
Foreign Language, Translations and Customisation
From the outset, rather than an afterthought, we decided that we must have a process for handling both native language and foreign language creation and maintenance. So we built 'Peach Translate' and tokenised our literals.
eCommerce: A Live Cart Process
So you've an online retail solution where you can sell your wares. How far does it go? When do you know that you have an order? Is a checked out basket your first point of contact with your online customer?
A Guided Tour
Don't know where to start with our live webapp technology? Let us walk you through our information in our guided tour. Just read and follow the links for more information
WebApp Performance Monitoring - Live
All our webapps are hosted in the cloud. How do we monitor the resources consumed and maintain peak performance of our application instances? Take a peak at our central dashboard in Project Peach webapp
VPS Vs Dedicated Server
Well. This week we finally made our transition from VPS hosting to our very own dedicated server. Our live cloud environment has finally made it to a machine with some oomph. Read about our journey to hosting bliss...
One Minute to Pitch It
Have but a minute to find out exactly why we are so different? It's just one click away. It might just tempt you to read the more detailed blogs. We build the future of web applications...
Don't Fight the Establishment. A Lesson Learned.
When we started our project way back in 2011 we wanted to use all our own code in our framework. We succeeded but we may have gone just a little too far. Our latest framework refactor fixes it. Lesson Learnt!
2011: Back to the Future
What were our goals in 2011? Did we even get close to achieving software development utopia, cross platform support on both server and client? Where are we today with our live & interactive cloud hosted webapps? Are we in 2027?
eCommerce: Retail Sales & Discounts
What if you could set up a retail discount sale as easily as programming your digital TV recorder? Start and finish sales automatically and update a customer's browser live.
Case Study: Spring 2017 New Releases
So. You live in an online retail world where it’s important to get your products online before your competitors. In the case of ‘The Hawthorn Gallery’ it’s Art, first to market wins!
Real-time Web Statistics
When you come onboard as a Project Peach customer your website & mobile app just keep on improving into the future. We work on our common functionality constantly. Our latest live webstats are pretty cool & amazing. Want a better online all the time?
eCommerce: Live Auctions
Our live eCommerce solution are simply 10 years ahead. We've amazing real-time features that come out of the box and ready for your online business to use instantly. Today let's take a look at our live auctions. eBay but better.
Case Study: Listers Pharmacy
We were approached by a Manchester (UK) based pharmacy to solve a problem they were having managing their repeat prescriptions. We write apps too, not just websites and we use the exact same WebApp technology.
Easy, Live Updating: Quick Start
Web design that's child's play, zero coding. What if you could update your website all by yourself with zero skill? Imagine if it was as simple as right click, edit & save. What if it was so easy you could update from mobile on the move. Welcome to our world.
What's this 'Live' all About then?
Why do you call your WebApps 'live' and not just webapps like everyone else? Simply because they are nothing like a stock WebApp that runs in a browser. Our WebApps update changes in real time, not on refresh!
Press Release: Live WebApp eCommerce Solutions
The web experts at Project Peach have this week unveiled a brand new live retail webapp, suitable for both mobile & website solutions, which aims to support a UK e-commerce industry expected to generate sales of more than £52bn in 2017 alone.
Upcycle your Existing Code?
So you're starting your next generation IT project. It needs a browser UX, but you've a legacy windows application that's installed on user's desktops. Are you going to throw away all that tried and tested code? What about upcycling?