Project Peach
We need a modern browser to run our WebApp. Because you have either a legacy browser or have javascript disabled this is the best we can do!
We believe in being open & honest with our pricing strategy. We don't hide any hidden extras. We make you aware of the cost upfront. You simply pay for the visual styling to your company brand & a simple monthly hosting fee based on how busy your website is.
A simple 'WordPress' style website for desktop and mobile tailored to your companies visual branding including easy 'live' content creation and updating. Fancy your customer's interacting with Facebook style newsfeeds? Want to do some blogging? It's all built in.
Absolutely everything that your business needs to run a successful online retail business including selling, auctions, discount sales, customer database, purchases database, mailshots, payments, web visitor statistics and much, much more. The total eCommerce solution that's 10 years ahead.
We can build you any piece of software that either extends our current products or is completely different. All our custom solutions use our core 'live' technology with the app hosted in the cloud & a browser hosted user experience. Just ask for a quote today.
There is a hosting & support fee in addition to the intial cost. This fee starts from as little as £25 GBP per month depending on your business size & traffic.
We can host your business in our cloud from as little as £25 per month. If you would like our software on your own dedicated server, VPS, cloud hosting or withing your own private company network we can configure our technology to your requirements.
Want to chat? If we're around you can 'live' chat to us, if we're not then simply leave a message/email & we'll get straight back to you.
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