Project Peach
We need a modern browser to run our WebApp. Because you have either a legacy browser or have javascript disabled this is the best we can do!
Twitter Promotion 365/24/7
Social Media Promotion
As coders we're a bit mystified with this social media stuff. We're much happier to sit writing code than engaging and networking with others. We did realise however just how much time our clients spend promoting their businesses on social media. It becomes a chore, day in day out, manually posting online. We're talking here about just twitter but it's entirely possible to replicate your business across ALL social media platforms that support an API. For now back to twittering. We've build some impressive followings automatically for our clients. Take a look at the Hawthorn Gallery with 100k genuine followers built from scratch. We've simply integrated twitter posting into their retail webapp, so they have zero duplication of effort. It keeps their customers engaged 24/7.
So there you have it. Go have a look @HawthornGallery, @CashClamber, @ProjectPeachUK on twitter and see our followings. All built with our impressive twitter integration. All the tweets that you see come from our webapps 365/24/7. The Hawthorn Gallery is shown here.
All these tweets with images are automated. In our retail webapp clients can choose the probability of tweeting favoured products, a promotion, a discount sale, etc. Drive web traffic and sales whilst you sleep and keep your customers engaged 24/7.
Configuration is a Breeze
Head over to twitter app and create your app. It's as easy as entering a few company details and clicking a button. This will create your unique twitter identification, keys and secrets. Just add these details into our admin panel social media configuration section and you're good to go!
Here's where you create the connection between a webapp and the twitter APIs. It's quite simple just enter a couple of text fields to create your twitter oAuth connection details. It's a simple copy and paste into our admin panel.
Our admin panel social media configuration page. Simply copy the details from the twitter app created and you're all set to start tweeting 365/24/7. Next step is to configure your tweets, hashtags, type of tweeting and frequency.
Add your Stock Tweets and Hashtags
Add as many stock tweets as you like. These are simple text tweets that have random hashtags appended to make them unique. Enter as many stock hashtags as you like, short ones and longer ones, that are relevant to your business on twitter. Mark any preferred tweets as favourites to make them tweet more often by giving them a percentage weighting.
Tweets and favourites. Just add as many stock tweets as you like. Here's a few for inspiration by The Hawthorn Gallery.
eCommerce: Tweet your preferred Products with Images
For our retail customers we've added a little extra functionality. You can automatically tweet your products. You can set this to tweet randomly from all prodcuts, a category of products or a collection of products (for a discount sale or newly added products for promotion). You can also set the frequency of product tweeting against the stock tweets adding variety to your twitter timeline.
Here's the Hawthorn Gallery product twitter configuration. A 75% chance of tweeting a product, from ALL products, every 30 minutes. In effect there will be 3/4 product image tweets to standard stock tweets. Each tweet has a link back to your webapp to drive traffic.
Newsfeed Twitter Replication
We've an in-built newfeed to our webapps that's pretty much got the functionality of Facebook. If you're making a post to your private customers wouldn't it be great if you could duplicate it automatically on twitter. No problem. Just enter your newsfeed post as an administrator and bingo it's replicated directly to twitter. Save that manual duplication and toil.
On the CashClamber newsfeed...
... and posted automatically to twitter to make your life just a bit easier.
Promote a Product on Twitter
If you're on our product page and you want to manually promote then we've a cool feature that puts it on your webapp newsfeed and also on twitter. Just hit the promote product, say what you want and it's instantly on both. Less duplication, less effort. Remember too that twitter is just the start. We can add as many social platforms that have an API. Want your social media management under control?
Built in product promotion. In this case at the Hawthorn Gallery, it's simply a great way to promote your art to the world.
John Ince